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Myths and Realities of Gender Communication

Excellent communication is essential in business today.

There has been much discussion and myths about male and female styles of communication and whether one or the other is better than the other in the workplace.

The reality is that the successful workplace needs men and women who can use both styles.

The reality is that gender communication is on a continuum, and all of us have used different styles in different situations without even being aware of it.

“The Myths and Realities of Gender Communication” audio conference, will cover what is real and what is not about the way men and women communicate.

You will learn to identify your own style and where you are on the gender communication scale, which styles are considered male and which are considered female, develop strategies of how and when to use and/or combine male and female styles to get your message across and get the results you want, and how to be flexible in the moment.

Learning Objectives Include:

  • Identifying personal communication styles on the male/female continuum
  • Differences and similarities between male and female communication styles
  • Common clash points between male and female styles of communication
  • How to recognize other styles of communication across gender
  • Communication differences-verbal and non-verbal
  • Inclusive language and behaviors
  • Challenges and strengths of each style and when to be flexible

Presented by:

Simma Lieberman

Simma Lieberman is internationally known as "The Inclusionist," because she creates inclusive cultures where people love to do their best work, and customers love to do business. She has helped women for over twenty years take control of their careers, and tap into their genius to be seen and heard the way they want. Having spent the first few years of her work life watching other people get promoted while she stayed the best kept secret, Simma shares what worked for her and what can work for you, with women from across the world.

Her “Smart Women” group and individual coaching programs continue to help women from diverse backgrounds, and industries think strategically and achieve their visions for success. Simma has worked with organizations that include; Diageo, Motorola, Pillsbury Bakeries and Foodservices, Women’s Foodservice Forum, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, Chevron, Kaiser Permanente, Lockheed Martin, and Intel. Her articles and advice have been featured in publications such as; Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, Fast Company, CNN, Black MBA, Network of Executive Women, and Managing Diversity Journal. She is the author of three books on diversity and one on stress management.

Price: $175.00