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The Danger of Distraction - Surviving Work in a 24/7 World

We now live and work in a 24/7 world where rings, pings and vibrations are the soundtrack of productivity in our personal and professional lives. It is not unusual to see 2:00am time stamps and to expect immediate email responses. The good news and bad news is the technology-driven global economy has increased our access to information and to each other. The result is a challenge to prioritize, set boundaries and stay focused.

By engaging in several easy practices, it is possible to regain a sense of control over a complex set of expectations that now drive our interactions and define success. This web presentation provides strategies for helping you maintain a focus on your highest priorities and completing the tasks that support your goals (and your sanity!).

This web presentation covers:

  • Identifying the most common distractions around us
  • The impact of distractions - the good, bad and ugly
  • Key strategies for managing multiple distractions
  • Techniques for identifying and addressing priorities

About the speaker:

Lisa Goren is the program director for physician alignment and engagement at Legacy Health in Portland, Oregon. She identifies opportunities for physicians to have a voice in organizational strategy, while also building physician leadership capacity. Having spent over a decade as a leadership consultant and coach, she helps healthcare teams and leaders manage large-scale change and plan strategically. Lisa is a frequent conference presenter and she is on faculty at several Oregon universities. Her undergraduate degree is from Michigan State University and she earned a graduate degree from Portland State University.

Who should attend?

  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Vice presidents
  • Chief operating officers
  • Chief learning officers
  • Compliance officers
  • Human resources managers
  • Human resources directors
  • Chief medical officers
  • Chief nursing officers
  • Sales managers
  • Lab managers

Price: $175.00