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Building a Culturally Intelligent Organization; How to Raise Your cultural IQ

A recent study shows that the number one predictor of business success is having a high level of cultural intelligence or CQ. Cultural Intelligence is the capacity to work effectively with people from any cultural group different than one's own (even from different organizations and work functions.)

In other words, someone with a high cultural IQ can be dropped into a culture they know nothing about, and they will be able to observe, empathize and be flexible enough to form relationships with people despite not speaking a word of their language or knowing anything about their organization.

Cultural Intelligence is a skill and anyone can learn it. Everyone in your organization needs to raise their “cultural IQ” in order to work better together, benefit from diversity and be seen as leaders in the global business environment.

When people in organizations or institutions develop a high level of cultural intelligence, they have the skills they need to ask the right questions, give the right answers, and work with people who are from a mixture of different groups in terms of ethnicity, race, age, religion, economic background, sexual orientation, industry or work function.

If you want your employees and your organization to remain relevant, competitive and attract and retain top talent, a high level of cultural intelligence can be the game changer.

This program is designed to create an awareness and understanding of cultural intelligence in order for individuals and organizations increase business success and work and do business with anyone, anywhere.


  • Develop an understanding of what it means to be culturally intelligent as an individual, as a group and as an organization, and why it is crucial in the workplace today
  • Learn ways in which our own backgrounds, experiences and perspectives determine our behavior, and understand how other people’s behavior is determined by their backgrounds, values and experience
  • Develop a strong awareness of ourselves as separate entities in relationship to others, while at the same time knowing how to commonalities
  • Address specific ways that biases can result in weakening customer relationships and loss of business
  • Learn culturally intelligent ways to build relationships with new customers and enhance relationships with old customers
  • Best practices and examples in education, business, and global politics

Presented By:

Simma Lieberman

Simma Lieberman is internationally known as "The Inclusionist," because she creates inclusive cultures where people love to do their best work, and customers love to do business. She has helped women for over twenty years take control of their careers, and tap into their genius to be seen and heard the way they want. Having spent the first few years of her work life watching other people get promoted while she stayed the best kept secret, Simma shares what worked for her and what can work for you, with women from across the world.

Her “Smart Women” group and individual coaching programs continue to help women from diverse backgrounds, and industries think strategically and achieve their visions for success. Simma has worked with organizations that include; Diageo, Motorola, Pillsbury Bakeries and Foodservices, Women’s Foodservice Forum, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, Chevron, Kaiser Permanente, Lockheed Martin, and Intel. Her articles and advice have been featured in publications such as; Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, Fast Company, CNN, Black MBA, Network of Executive Women, and Managing Diversity Journal. She is the author of three books on diversity and one on stress management.

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