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"Get Out of My Face" – Winning Over Difficult People

We all have difficult people in our lives.

Some we work with, some we live with, some are customers and some we gave birth to.

Be it gossip, lack of civility, disruptive behavior, toxic attitudes, sexual harassment, and workplace dysfunction or workplace bullying with team members, you need to keep your power.

This presentation is how to be more effective through real communication skills to handle the 2o causes of conflict:
- someone's performance does not agree with ours or the expectation promised
- someone’s behavior is out of alignment with ours and the organizations purpose

The end result: Effective strategies, techniques and tips so no regrets or missed opportunities to improve relationships from personal to professional, anytime, anywhere, with anyone. Life is so much easier when you know why people do what they do and how they do it so you can beat them at their game and stay ahead.


  • get the truth out, no holding back or withholding the facts
  • improve communication for everyone - giving and receiving
  • get people to speak up so their ideas come out
  • develop accountability in the intent of the communication and it's effect
  • confront from a solution point of view difficult people and their behaviour
  • move from victim to reality, from blame to leader
  • understand how to set up meaningful relationships

Course Content:

To provide you with clear, simple and effective techniques to reduce and eliminate the causes and effects of those very difficult / chronic people and situations you face daily or from time to time.

  • Learn the two primary sources of conflict
  • Identify the real causes of difficult behavior and why it is so important to resolve it
  • Understand the surprising paradox of ‘difficult people’
  • Learn the 6 choices you always have in dealing with negative and toxic people
  • Identify the difference between chronic behavior and difficult people
  • Learn how to calm down angry and upset people and to control your emotions to get results
  • Be introduced to personality styles and why conflict is created between them
  • Get practical, hands on strategies of how to handle a variety of stressed out people

a) the fault finder, the anti-management, the time waster and the anti-social
b) the overt and passive behaviors that drive you crazy, the bullies, insulters, know-it-alls, think-they-know-it-all, the quiet / yes people, negative / no people, whiners and manipulators.
And more!

Presented By:

Bruce Lee

Bruce is a strategist, speaker, productivity coach and MC. His passion is working with individuals and organizations to enhance their leadership results and individual productivity through focused educational workshops of implementation of the concepts and strategies that will improve the bottom line, increase market share and employee and customer loyalty and retention. As a former business owner and having been involved in 4 businesses from a good cross section of industry, Bruce brings a hands on approach to employee and customer satisfaction. Each presentation includes a variety of additional resources and tools after to support the training and measure skill levels.

Price: $175.00