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Sustaining High-Performing Teams: Learn how to create a culture of collaboration that keeps your team motivated to get GREAT results

When a team works well together, it can feel like magic.

Tasks are completed. Deadlines and goals are being met. And people are enthusiastic and energetic, working together and getting things done.

Unfortunately, most of us have also seen the alternative, either as a team member or team leader. Even on successful teams, your people may at times become disengaged or begin to “coast.” They have busy jobs, (working for you!), busy lives outside of their jobs, and all of the stresses of our modern day, go-as-fast-as-you-can world.
Sometimes the extra energy or engagement or edge that led to your team producing amazing results the last go-round seems to be dulled.

Whether your team has been together for a while and needs an energizing kick-start, or it’s a brand-new dynamic and your team just can’t get that positive momentum you need – THIS audio CD is for you.

From dealing with individual personalities and strengths to inspiring and challenging your people to remain engaged in their roles, in this powerful 60-minute audio CD you will gain the tools and information you need to sustain the success and significance you want from the team you have.

You’ll learn:

  • How to transform employees into owners
  • How to harness past accomplishments as a catalyst to move the team forward
  • How to keep key players engaged and passionate about their work
  • How to overcome the danger of excuses – and identify real barriers instead
  • How to inspire a sense of unity – especially when times are tough
  • How to use diverse personality types as a potent tool to maintain momentum

Building a sense of ownership is important in moving your team to the next level. You’ve worked long and hard to recruit and retain an amazing group of people. Even if they’ve been together for a while, you want to find and apply new ideas to bring out the best in them. Join us for this audio presentation and learn how to build deeper relationships and a sense of ownership in your team!

Presented By

Sean Glaze

Sean Glaze is an author, speaker, and entertaining team builder. As a team builder, Sean has enjoyed motivating athletes and inspiring teams for over 20 years, and has consistently turned under-achievers into winners both on and off the court. His simple, practical tools and a focus on great relationships, team building, and leadership development have helped groups from virtually every industry to boost performance and profits.

As a coach, he learned the importance of relationships and the impact of connecting people to both a compelling goal and to their teammates. As an educator, he discovered the power of experiential learning activities to engage people and make ideas both personal and memorable.

And now, as a speaker and author, he weaves those insights into interactive events and entertaining keynotes for corporate groups and clients interested in increasing their competitive advantage by building a more engaged and connected team.

When he is not on the road inspiring groups to develop rapid teamwork, Sean enjoys being home in Atlanta with his wife Amy, who has spent the last 20 years training him to be a better teammate where it matters most.

Sean and his lovely wife Amy have been married for 17 years, and have four remarkable children that keep them smiling and busy in their home just outside Atlanta, Georgia.

Price: $175.00