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Getting the Results Without the Authority: How to Manage a Project & Team That Doesn't Report to You

You walk into that first committee meeting for the new project you’re managing.

The people in attendance already have unreasonable workloads, deadlines on other projects and some have little desire to add another thing to their plate. And now YOU have to lead the charge.

Worst of all, you feel as if you’re surrounded by a group of volunteers because you have no authority over them.

You wonder: “How on earth am I going to motivate these people?” It’s a challenge.

This brand-new audio audio presentation can help you meet that challenge head on with powerful tactics including:

  • How to use lean and mean project management techniques to help you get the job done
  • The three most important elements that every project needs to succeed: Process, influence and measurement – with an emphasis on influence
  • How to address key project-infrastructure questions early, and often, so that they don’t impede project execution
  • Tactics to gain commitment from those you’ll lead – and how commitment breeds excitement
  • How to create a project plan that outlines clear objectives, deliverables and time frames

Applying the mantra “Bad News Early is Good News,” Lou Russell, best-selling author and acclaimed speaker, will define the target – how to get work done through other people – and show you ways to implement the tactics above to change all of those committee members into committed, productive team members.

How to carefully navigate persuasive techniques is important, and in the project management role you just stepped into, it has an even bigger role. Since you can’t mandate, you have to persuade. We’ll go over the powerful psychology of persuasion and show how it can be worked in to the entire process.

You know how to lead a team – it can be challenging. When you’re not the boss, the challenge goes up a notch. Let us show you how to tweak the best practices of leadership to accommodate the project you’re in charge of NOW. Gain valuable support and buy-in from the people you’re counting on to get the work done.

Join us today and learn how to make the power you do have produce results.

Presented By

Lou Russell


Russell Martin & Associates and L+earn

Lou is the CEO of Russell Martin & Associates and L+earn, an executive consultant, speaker, and author whose passion is to create growth in companies by guiding the growth of their people. In her speaking, training, and writing, Lou draws on 30 years of experience helping organizations achieve their full potential. She is committed to inspiring improvement in all three sides of what she has dubbed the Optimization Triangle: leadership, project management, and individual learning.

Lou is the author of seven popular and practical books: IT Leadership Alchemy; The Accelerated Learning Fieldbook ; Training Triage Leadership Training; Project Management for Trainers, Managing Projects: A Practical Guide for Learning Professionals and 10 Steps to Successful Project Management. Writing books allows Lou to share her passion to a broader audience to help people be more efficient.

As a sought-after international speaker to leaders, Lou blends her humorous stories with her engaging on-the-ground experience to customize her presentation, facilitation and teaching to the real problems of the people in the room. Encouraged by Lou’s upbeat and practical style, every participant leaves with new enthusiasm and tools to improve their bottom line through their people. Her motto is Lecture As A Last Resort. You will be moving, laughing, participating, inspired and challenged. Most importantly to Lou, you will learn.

Lou has spoken at over 300 conferences including the ASTD International Conference, Society of Information Management (SIM), Training, American Museum Association, Nursing Educators, Career College Association, LOTUSphere, Project Management Institute, Project World and at many corporate events for over 20 years.

Price: $175.00