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The Secret to Managing Difficult & Resistant Employees: How to address the challenges and negotiate a win-win solution!

We all encounter difficult and unreasonable people in our lives. And when they’re at work, they not only create an uncomfortable work environment, they can also undermine your leadership and jeopardize your organization’s success…

Unfortunately, many managers choose to ignore them and avoid the situation, rather than confront them directly. And over time, this decision (or lack of) negatively impacts productivity, morale and more.

The key to successfully managing these employees lies in the behaviors, not the person.

Because while it may seem that the person is just out to get you, there is almost always an underlying reason that is motivating them to act this way. And when you understand the reason for the behavior and can address the true intent, you can better navigate the situation – before it’s too late.

In this training, we’ll go behind the typical strategies and start by clearly defining the behavior so that you can develop your own assessment to get to the root cause. By focusing on the “why”, you will be able to more swiftly and successfully negotiate a win-win solution for all – and without the usual stress and headaches!

You’ll also learn:

  • Tips for identifying why the employee is “difficult”
  • The most effective ways to manage and more importantly help difficult employees
  • The differences between resistance and misconduct
  • Tips and tactics for handling the most challenging conversations
  • How to avoid a common trap
  • Tips for giving better feedback and monitoring the situation – so you don’t fall into the same situation again!
  • What you can learn from them to improve yourself as a manager and leader

Stop beating your head against the wall and letting difficult people destroy your team and workplace. Get this audio presentation and find a powerful and effective solution that you can implement today!

Presented By

Alison French

Alison French is an experienced facilitator, trainer, coach and consultant in the areas of organizational change, marketing and communications strategy, event planning and management, and employee and leadership development and alignment.

Her accomplishments range from being rated as a top instructor for the Deloitte Consulting Milestone Program and launching a career mentoring program for BearingPoint, to building and deploying a comprehensive change plan for a major Defense technology initiative with more than 7,000 end users, which, through direct engagement with top leaders, significantly influenced positive perception of the initiative and elevated its change management program to become recognized as a model within the agency.

I honestly believe that I am a better and smarter person by having the opportunity to work with you,” is how one client summed up his experience working with Alison.

Prior to her work in Big Four consulting, Alison helped build the graduate marketing program for the College of Arts and Sciences at American University, orchestrated fundraising campaigns and events for a Capitol Hill nonprofit, and helped run a small hospitality consulting startup in New York City. In addition, Alison was a contributor to the book “Leverage: How to Get It and How to Keep It in Any Negotiation” (Volkema, R. 2006) and to a best practices study on Lessons Learned from the Government to Government Shared Services Environment, as part of the Industry Advisory Council (IAC) (December 31, 2007).

Alison holds a Bachelor’s degree with in communications from Cornell University and a Master of Business Administration from the Kogod School of Business at American University.

Price: $175.00