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Trust: The Stabilizing Force You Need During Times of Change

There are many reasons why trust is important to leaders. But perhaps one of the most important is the ability to influence change more easily and quickly.

Because although you may not be able to slow the pace of change during volatile, uncertain or ambiguous times, you can offer stability and a foundation of trust.

Because let’s face it, the bottom line is this: If your employees don’t trust you, you can’t truly lead them. And if you can’t lead them, you won’t be able to implement your change initiatives either.

Without trust, you have no credibility and very little influence. When employees can’t trust you, they can’t trust the organization. And as a result, their morale, productivity, loyalty, and job satisfaction suffer, and they usually end up quitting.

What many leaders don’t realize is that there are 12 Dimensions of Trust. And each of us tends to be highly trustworthy in the dimension of trust that matters to us – but what this means is that we are also inadvertently breaching the trust of others when we don’t address the other Dimensions.

The good news is that you can learn all 12 Dimensions of Trust and build a trustworthiness to help offset the complex and changing environment that has become the new reality. In this powerful, training, executive coach and author, Deb Calvert, will teach you the steps and principles to build a culture of trust – an environment where employees are dialed in to you and your organization.

You’ll learn:

  • The importance of trusting and being trusted
  • The 12 Dimensions of Trust and how you can deliver in all 12 dimensions.
  • The benefits of building an unshakeable foundation of trust in your team.
  • And much more!

You will also complete a self-assessment and select relevant action items to replace trust-breaching activities with trust-building activities.

Good managers know the importance of trust and take the time to build it; because it’s not as simple as automatically instilling it. Trust can’t be created, it must be earned. And when you incorporate the 12 Dimensions of Trust into your leadership toolbox, you will be on your way towards creating a high-performance organizational culture that is both trustworthy and trusting.

Presented By

Deb Calvert

As President and Founder of People First Productivity Solutions, Deb has worked with media, agriculture, not-for-profit, and technology clients to build organizational strength by putting people first. This work includes leadership program design and facilitation, strategic planning with executive teams, team effectiveness work, and sales training and coaching.

Deb is certified to facilitate The Leadership Challenge® and has worked extensively with Barry Posner to develop a Youth Leadership Challenge program, too. Deb also works with executives, managers, sales trainers and sales reps as a Humanistic Performance Coach. She is certified as an Executive Coach by the Center for Executive Coaching and the ICF.

Deb is also a member of the National Speakers Association, the American Society for Training and Development, national chapter and the Mount Diablo chapter, the American Management Association, and SF Coaches, a charter chapter of the International Coach Federation. Additionally, Deb is a Certified Practitioner with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and other assessment tools. Deb’s background in senior-level Sales, Human Resources, and Operations roles with a Fortune 500 company gives her a unique perspective in understanding the challenges faced by companies and their senior leaders.

Deb is the author of the DISCOVER Questions™ Get You Connected book series and the CONNECT2Lead Blog. She is based near San Jose, California and is the mother of three. With her husband, Kinley, Deb enjoys weekend getaways to the beach and hiking in the foothills of Silicon Valley.

Price: $175.00