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Managing A Chaotic Workplace - the 2 ‘Must-Do’s’ to a More Productive Culture

Work can get chaotic and seem out of control. Constant demands on you to do more with less, take on new responsibilities, clean up old projects, create or introduce new products for the marketplace, update the marketing materials, support and discipline employees, …and the list goes on. Have you ever had one of those days where you say to yourself: “What did I actually get done”? or: “Where did the day go”? This session will answer two of the challenges to the observation of why training does not work and how to make it stick.

The question is, how do you get control and stay on top if it all? In this information loaded session, you will get the answer to the steps and tools to re-invigorate you and support a productive, motivated and highly effective workplace environment. Eliminate the obvious time wasters that slow you down and keep you and your staff distracted from their real goals. This is how to get it right, right from the start.

#1: How to stay focused when everything and everyone around you is not

  • Understand the biggest time wasters to a productive day – including meetings!
  • Learn why employees are not productive and how to eliminate that bottleneck
  • Use a simple template to get to your real priorities in order to tackle your #1 problem at work - lack of time!
  • Learn why people leave and the anti-dote to those reasons
  • Adopt the habits and strategies of top business leaders that create the most results from Prime Time to the ‘Pareto Principal, smart decision making and the power of goals.

#2: Understand how to engage and empower everyone to maximum productivity with ‘S.A.M.’

  • Be introduced to some of the tools that will help you find you and your employees strengths where they contribute the most from
  • Learn the power behind the one word that has the greatest impact on everyone

Bonus: #1 - Be introduced to the soft skill issue that always costs you time and money

Bonus: #2 - Receive 4 concise checklists to drive personal productivity and corporate growth

Presented By:

Bruce Lee

Bruce is a strategist, speaker, productivity coach and MC. His passion is working with individuals and organizations to enhance their leadership results and individual productivity through focused educational workshops of implementation of the concepts and strategies that will improve the bottom line, increase market share and employee and customer loyalty and retention. As a former business owner and having been involved in 4 businesses from a good cross section of industry, Bruce brings a hands on approach to employee and customer satisfaction. Each presentation includes a variety of additional resources and tools after to support the training and measure skill levels.

Price: $175.00