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Keep ‘Em From Flaming Out: Retention Strategies to Keep High Performers Performing

We’ve all heard the stories of superstars who flame out too quickly. In fact, you’ve may have experienced it. You know the story, you have a manager who’s climbed the ranks, been successful and show great promise. Then, after that last promotion, things start to go bad. Maybe people in your office are complaining. The results you expected just aren’t there. The team’s motivation is dropping like a rock.

You’ve invested money and time to bring on and develop what appears to be a great leader or future leaders only to have that person fail. Then you’re left scratching your head trying to figure out what went wrong and how to avoid that mistake again.

The fact is, there are easy steps you can take to drastically reduce the likelihood that your leaders will fail. During this 60-minute program, Edith Onderick-Harvey will share the top 5 reasons why leaders fail and what you can do about them.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand why flaming out is usually not because of the Peter Principle
  • Identify 5 key causes promising and previously successful leaders are suddenly not succeeding
  • Identify what’s happening in your organization that contributes to flame outs
  • Create strategies and tactics for minimizing flame outs

Presented by


Edith M. Onderick-Harvey

Edith Onderick-Harvey, president of Factor In Talent, is a highly sought after partner for executives, teams and organizations. Her passion is helping clients strategically think about human capital, develop, engage and retain the best people, design effective organizations and achieve results. Her clients include BiogenIdec, Akamai, RBS Citizens, Genzyme, Harvard Business School and many other innovation sector clients – high tech, life sciences, higher education and financial services.

Edith has published articles on building sustainable talent pipelines and effectively communicating change. She has been quoted in The New York Times, Human Resource Executive, American Executive, U.S. Business Review and CNN.com. Her work has been featured in a Conference Board publication. She is also the author of the upcoming book Getting Real: Strategies for Leadership in Today’s Resource-Constrained, Time-Strapped, Multi-Tasking World of Work.

Price: $175.00