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Why Doesn’t My Boss Trust Me?" Trust in the workforce has a dramatic impact on productivity

Trust starts with you, it becomes your reputation which can be invaluable! It is character and integrity and an intangible asset that is critical to your success.

This highly informative audio presentation identifies just how important trust is in the workforce and at the same time how to put the power of engagement to work for you in order to accelerate your professional career and just as importantly, your personal life.

Organizations are discovering that a great workplace culture that fosters productivity and profitability more to do with the "not so little things” that increase employee retention and customer interest, consumption and loyalty. More than almost anything else, it revolves around the word: "trust". When you have that, your entire marketing and work process is easier. Without it, it's a tough road ahead.

Trust in the workforce has a dramatic impact on productivity, customer, staff satisfaction and loyalty. This will show you exactly what it is that makes great leaders and separates them from the average performer. If someone ever says to you: “Trust me – you won’t be sorry.” there is a good chance you will be.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the impact that trust or the lack of trust, has on your people and organizations success.
  • Discover the real power of TRUST that drives profitability
  • See the most trusted and least trusted industries people and careers in 2013 – you may be one of them!
  • Learn the 5 top leadership skills necessary to engage your people in an empowering workplace
  • Identify the most significant reasons employees leave and the impact that has on those left behind
  • Understand the three keys called S.A.M. to improving productivity, retention and morale
  • Understand what great managers know for accelerating employee development
  • Review how to implement the ‘Situational Leadership Model’ with new employees

Added Bonus: At the end of this audio presentation you will be given the link to request an e-copy of Bruce’s detailed new book on this topic. The book features a module on trust that drives customer service and becomes your competitive advantage and a module on 83 effective leadership attributes as a self-test. You won’t want to miss receiving this. Trust is the power to inspire and influence. With more trust, you will enjoy a more positive and productive culture, improved communication and better relationships and results overall. Learn how to develop the trust and respect that will transform your life! Order now!


“I’d like to say that the supervisory team really enjoyed your session on “Why Doesn’t My Boss Trust Me?”
Fiscal Accounting Supervisor
Manteca Unified School District’s Nutrition Education Program

Presented By:

Bruce Lee

Bruce is a strategist, speaker, productivity coach and MC. His passion is working with individuals and organizations to enhance their leadership results and individual productivity through focused educational workshops of implementation of the concepts and strategies that will improve the bottom line, increase market share and employee and customer loyalty and retention. As a former business owner and having been involved in 4 businesses from a good cross section of industry, Bruce brings a hands on approach to employee and customer satisfaction. Each presentation includes a variety of additional resources and tools after to support the training and measure skill levels.

Price: $175.00