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Not Another Performance Review: Strategies & solutions for managing performance feedback that actually impacts performance & creates engagement – all year long!

An enormous waste of time…destructive to the relationship between managers and their team…useless paperwork…

For years, performance reviews have been criticized. And while more than 70 million US workers will receive one this year, a number of studies have shown that employees, their managers and even HR personnel see no value in annual performance evaluations.

And it’s unfortunate. Because one-on-one performance reviews are just one milestone in a cycle that provide an outstanding opportunity for managers and employees to openly discuss the employees’ work, challenges and career ambitions.

These invaluable, routine conversations, when done effectively, can lead to higher quality work, stronger relationships and a happier, more engaged staff overall.

In this powerful audio conference, you’ll learn strategies and solutions to start implementing a performance management cycle that actually have impact.

You’ll learn how to stop having one-time, scheduled performance discussions and start having regular conversations that actually make a difference day in and day out.

By engaging your staff, you can create discussions that invite participation, gain acceptance, focus on performance, and in the process eliminate the defensiveness and dread that accompany most performance reviews.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Create a culture where employees are prepared and willing to participate in and accept regular feedback
  • Facilitate performance conversations on a regular basis
  • Deliver feedback that actually inspires and motivates employees (instead of just turning them off!)
  • Direct conversations so that employees leave feeling renewed with a sense of purpose and commitment!

Stop dreading annual performance reviews and start cultivating regular performance conversations – get the solutions you need to start having dialogue that actually get results! Join us today.

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Mimi Darmstadter is the founder of My Life’s Work Coaching & Consulting. In addition to career and executive coaching practice, Mimi consults with organizations on workforce engagement, learning and performance, and leadership development issues. She is a frequent speaker on these topics. Mimi authors Wednesday Words where she regularly writes about coaching topics and frames them in opportunities for individual action and behavior change.

Previously, Mimi held senior management roles for Covance Inc, culminating her position as Senior Manager for Training and Development. In this capacity, she led the design and execution of numerous leadership development programs. She also championed Covance’s diversity training program and created a number of different programs to support employee effectiveness in a diverse workplace. Another highlight of her tenure at Covance was the design and administration of a global mentoring program. In 2001, Mimi received a Covance Way Award (e.g. employee of the year), awarded to 2% of the workforce for her work on culture building activities and other HR initiatives.

Mimi began her professional career as a training manager for the National Network for Youth. In this position, she provided training design and delivery services to youth workers nationally in the areas of health prevention services.

Mimi is a graduate of Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Certificate Program. She earned a Masters Degree in Social Service Administration from the University of Chicago. She holds a double Bachelors Degree in Psychology/Creative Writing from the University Michigan in Ann Arbor where she was the recipient of a Hopwood Award for Underclassman Fiction Writing.

Price: $175.00