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The Formula for Presentation Inspiration: Learn how to arrange presentations that are compelling and inspire action!

Whether it’s selling your boss on your latest idea or pitching a new product to your Clients or convincing your team of the latest change initiative – life is a series of presentations, conversations where we attempt to get attention, motivate, persuade or influence.

And the greatest accomplishment of any presentation is to inspire your listeners to ACTION, to think, feel, or do something DIFFERENTLY than before your encounter with them.

But what’s the difference between a presentation that succeeds and a presentation that fails? Many will say that it’s subjective – charisma, circumstance, luck. But we know that it’s actually very scientific.

Effective presentation is all about cause and effect; knowing what effect you want, and what causes you need to put in to get that effect. A great and inspirational presentation doesn’t happen by accident, it is the result of a tried and true process.

For over 35 years, Jeanette Henderson’s studies and experience have shown that there are over sixty elements that make up a presentation; and in this brand-new teleseminar, she will reveal the best, most effective way to arrange the content of your presentation, a simple Three-Step Formula for Inspiration.

Once you’ve mastered these, the possibilities are endless! Join us for just 60 minutes and you’ll learn how to:

  • Connect with, influence, and INSPIRE your audience
  • Arrange your message clearly and in such a compelling way that others must join you in a mutually-beneficial alliance
  • Keep calm and focused, speaking like a pro in ANY situation

Join us for this powerful teleseminar and master the art of public speaking!

Presented By

Jeanette Henderson

Jeanette Henderson and her husband Roy have been providing training, consulting and personal coaching to people from all walks of life for more than eighty years of accumulated combined experience. They have conducted Training Camps, Workshops, Seminars, and Keynote speeches, and are the co-authors of There’s No Such Thing as Public Speaking, which has been listed in the Top Ten for books on public speaking on Amazon almost since it was first released by Penguin in January 2007.

Most notably, they have been the official Speech Coach and Presentation Advisor to every Republican National Convention since 1992, and are the facilitator for the American Speaker Training Camps.

Jeanette has worked freelance in radio and television since 1983, and is an award-winning producer, voice-over artist, and on-air personality. She also is a well-received commentator on all things “presentational” as well as political.

Price: $175.00