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The 7 Attributes to Business Success - Outcomes!

Action, Power, Passion, Results!

This one-hour audio presentation is an inspired look at how to put the power of attitude and excellence to work for you in order to accelerate your business success as well as your professional career and personal life. This session will touch on exactly what it is that separates the average employee from the superstar – the traits, skills and habits that motivates anyone and their business to higher contribution and success by increasing engagement, creativity and productivity.

In just 60 minutes, with critically acclaimed productivity coach Bruce Lee, you will learn:

  • The 1 thing everyone does that stops them from being as successful as they can be
  • How to tackle adversity with a memorable phrase
  • Identify and adopt the power of affirmations and passion: - ”Today is the day”.
  • Understand why we need to set high expectations of ourselves and others.
  • Learn what really motivates people to higher contribution and success.

Bonus: Receive 3 self-tests that measure, support and coach for high level success.

Presented By:

Bruce Lee

Bruce is a strategist, speaker, productivity coach and MC. His passion is working with individuals and organizations to enhance their leadership results and individual productivity through focused educational workshops of implementation of the concepts and strategies that will improve the bottom line, increase market share and employee and customer loyalty and retention. As a former business owner and having been involved in 4 businesses from a good cross section of industry, Bruce brings a hands on approach to employee and customer satisfaction. Each presentation includes a variety of additional resources and tools after to support the training and measure skill levels.

Price: $175.00