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Millennials & Beyond: Bridging the Gap

Millennials. Gen Y. I’m sure you’ve heard the slew of complaints about this group…because there are a lot.

They want too much too fast. They aren’t loyal. They don’t want to put in the time. They need too much feedback. They’re pampered and entitled.

There seems to be no hotter topic and yet, it really shouldn’t be that new. After all, you’ve always had a variety of ages and styles to lead, right? And what generation hasn’t been baffled by the behaviors of the succeeding one?

As leaders, it is our responsibility to get the very best from our team, to bring out each person’s unique strengths and to help improve their weaknesses – regardless of their age or generation.

And since statistics show that by 2025, 3 out of every 4 workers globally will be Millennials, we need to figure this demographic out, and fast!

The good news is that for all of the negatives there are about millennials, there are even more positives.

They are incredible technological savvy. They have a collaborative spirit and bring tremendous confidence to the workforce. They are team players who are extremely self-expressive, current and conscious of the competition – all incredible strengths to any organization, wouldn’t you agree?

In this powerful and informative audio presentation, renowned coach and certified Senior Professional in Human Resources, Lori Ermi, draws on her over 20 years of experience in helping organizations grow and prepare their emerging leaders to give you the tools you need to effectively manage and lead this growing generation. Through increasing awareness about the perceptions and motivations of this group, you’ll learn how to leverage them, and how to address and bridge the gaps between generations.

Participants will learn strategies to keep millennial motivated as well as coaching tips for successful onboarding and how to teach the business basics to a group arriving to the workforce without this knowledge.

In just 60 minutes, participants will recognize how values, work style, cultural influences and career expectations have influenced this generation and learn effective management and communication strategies that will resonate with them.

You’ll learn:

  • The Perceptions: Those that leaders have of millennials, those that millennials have of the previous generations and how to move beyond them to “Win Them Over”
  • How to move beyond the stereotypes to maximize productivity and contribution
  • The most successful and effective communication styles to use – regardless of age!
  • What leaders and millennials alike are saying they need more of
  • Coaching tactics to keep millennials engaged and motivated
  • How to understand the generational differences to decrease turnover, increase productivity and morale

Regardless of whether you manage 1 or 100 millennials, being aware and able to others’ perspectives will make you more effective and successful – now and in the future!

Presented By

Lori Evans Ermi

Lori Evans Ermi is the founder and Managing Director of The Ermi Group, LLC, a human capital solutions and leadership coaching firm. After over 20 years in corporate leadership roles, including Fortune 100 organizations, Ms. Ermi is dedicated to working with companies that have the commitment to grow their organization and prepare their emerging leaders for tomorrow.

Ms. Ermi’s expertise is broad and deep leading both HR and line functions. Industry experience includes life sciences/bio tech/pharma, consumer products, IT government contractors, financial services; from startup, 8 (a), mid-stage to Fortune 100, private and public. She specializes in leadership coaching and development, change management, infrastructure growth strategies, including merger & acquisition integration.

Ms. Ermi achieved her BA from Lynchburg College in Virginia and is a graduate of the renowned Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Certification masters program. She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation and a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) through the Society of Human Resources Management. She has also completed certificate programs from Villanova University, Xavier University, and InsideOut® Coaching Advantage.

Ms. Ermi spent much of the first 16 years of her career with The Procter & Gamble Company as a ‘fast track’ development candidate. She built her expertise in all aspects of HR, culminating in her leadership of high performance teams as a global Senior HR Manager. She led many corporate College programs, was a training and development (T&D) manager, a member of the first organization effectiveness/development department (OE), and in pharmaceutical and managed care sales and marketing.

As Director of Talent Development at Fannie Mae, she owned the talent and performance management strategies, the coaching program and executive development program design. As Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer for a DC-based IT government contractor, she led HR, Staffing, Marketing, Corporate Communications and Administration while serving on the Executive Team and as a corporate Officer. She interfaced with the Board of Directors on all HR strategies, including compensation, corporate culture, talent, and development. Additionally she has coached and led initiatives in career development, management principles, strategic planning/training/facilitation, conflict resolution, and global/cross-functional team development.

Price: $175.00