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Accountability Conversations: Management Secrets That Will Increase Accountability, Get More Done & See Better Results

It’s a fast-paced world we live in and because of it, more and more employees are expected to perform multiple jobs and tasks – wearing many different hats, reporting to multiple people and having to think outside the box to get the job done.

The result? The lines of responsibility and accountability are blurred.

And the reality is – employees often don’t know what is expected of them – causing frustration all around when deadlines are unmet; work isn’t completed; and the blame games start.

But there’s good news! As a manager or leader, you have the ability to set your employees up for success. You can help define expectations to help hold your employees accountable.

Because to be most effective, accountability cannot be something that happens TO your employees, it must be something that they CHOOSE to make happen. Until they recognize ownership of any situation, they won’t take any action related to it – no matter how hard we try or how often we ask. People must see that they can influence the outcome or they will do nothing.

In this Remarkable Learning training digital download, Master Trainer and Coach, Guy Harris, will help you alleviate the frustration and stress of accountability (or lack thereof). He’ll show you how to harness the power of positive communication to not only build capability and accountability but also motivate performance.

You’ll learn how to move beyond the basic (and often ineffective) annual performance review to start using solid techniques and strategies for having accountability communications all year long. In just 60 minutes, you’ll learn the secrets of how to create an environment of high accountability where people follow though, take action and do what they say they will do.

You’ll learn:

  • Tips for crafting consistent communication that clarifies expectations and leaves no room for interpretation
  • The importance of your actions and how demonstrating your own accountability plays into the success of your employees
  • The importance of listening in accountability conversations (and tips for doing it effectively!)
  • How to change your conversations to create a “cascade effect”, causing the responsibility and accountability to trickle down throughout the organization
  • Questions you need to be asking to create ownership for your employees

Presented By

Guy Harris
Master Trainer & Coach

Guy draws on more than 20 years of combined professional and military experience when he consults, coaches, or trains in the areas of team and interaction dynamics, communication strategies and tactics, and emotional intelligence.

Prior to becoming a trainer and coach, Guy served as a Nuclear Engineering Officer in the US Navy Submarine Force, and he worked in leadership positions in both large and small business environments.

Typical client concerns prior to working with Guy are: forging a team from a group of individuals, moving a team past the conflict stage of team development, developing other leaders, expanding personal influence within the organization, communicating more effectively, and developing buy-in for new programs and processes.

With experience and training in technical disciplines and his further training in, and practical application of, human behavior and motivation principles, his unique skills consist of quickly connecting the technical and task accomplishment necessities of business operations with the human factors that often limit rapid implementation and results.

In other words, he helps you understand – and work through – the reasons why your relationships are getting in the way of getting things done.

Guy has both Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Chemical Engineering. He was a qualified Engineering Department head in the U.S. Navy. He is a Master Trainer and Coach in the DISC Model of Human Behavior, and a Workplace Conflict Resolution expert.

Price: $175.00