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7 Ways to Increase Trust and Reduce Workplace Drama

What are the signs of low trust? In one word: Drama! The lack of trust is a huge obstacle to teamwork and productivity. When you are the leader you might have a few blind spots to what is contributing to the lack of trust. I have talked about a tool called the Johari Window, a psychological tool to help you understand your blind spots. The reality is, others may see you differently than you see yourself. The underlying notion is that our personality is divided into four categories, and one of those categories is the aspects that others see about us that we do not see about ourselves. I'll be introducing the Johari Window on this program because you can't fix what you don't acknowledge!

In this Audio Training Program You Will Learn:

  • 7 Trustbusters that crack communication and mash morale
  • 7 Antidotes (what you can do to correct the problem)
  • Two reasons you might be in the dark about unproductive patterns
  • How to keep the rumor-mill from erupting
  • How to implement a character-building program in your company
  • Why the lack of humor may be a danger sign indicating low trust

Digital Download Equals Instant Access and No Shipping Fees! Package includes the following:

  • One hour MP3 Audio
  • Power Point Slides
  • PDF Learning Guide
  • Trust Assessment

Use this Program to Train Your Managers and Supervisors

First, have your managers take the "Trust Assessment."

Second, simply print off the PDF learning guide, which is an exact duplicate of the Power Point slides (also included) and press "play” on the audio MP3.

Train one individual at a time or an entire group. Use the Power Point slides, on your own computer or screen, or use the learning guide in place of the Power Point Slides. It's all about convenience.

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Marlene Chism, MA, is the author of Stop Workplace Drama (Wiley 2011) and the founder of the Stop Your Drama Methodology, eight principles to help busy leaders navigate change and run the office with no complaints, no excuses and no regrets.

Marlene is no stranger to reinvention and change. For more than twenty years, Marlene worked on the lines of the factory floor before quitting her blue collar job to build a business as a consultant, trainer and professional speaker.

Marlene is known for her thought-provoking yet down to earth practicality, her sharp wit and ability to get to the root cause of any type of drama.

A dynamic business and motivational speaker and communications consultant, Marlene has the unique ability to reach across the boundaries of many types of audiences: from Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs and business leaders; to employees on the front lines. She is a philosopher and a dynamic story-teller with the ability to take complex subjects and make them immediately applicable, bridging universal principles to the inner and outer game of success.

Price: $175.00