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Communicate Effectively and Change Your Relationships Using the LABOR Principles

Before I understood the power of the LABOR Principles, I had my fair share of relationship drama. I was either the rescuer, creating dysfunctional relationships, or I was the persecutor, pointing out where others went wrong. Even though I was being "honest" there were always misunderstandings, resentments, and judgments. The LABOR principles offer five practical communication tools you can use at work and at to better your relationships and improve your personal effectiveness.

In this audio presentation you will learn about the following:

How to Listen Even When it's Difficult

Learn the two biggest problems among a list of poor listening habits and learn how to listen consciously without advising, interrupting or committing one of the dozens of listening mistakes. Find out how listening can transform relationships at work and at home and why listening is really an act of love. Learn real listening skills you can incorporate immediately.

How to Ask for What you Want

The surest way to stay a victim is to hint, pout and assume, yet that is what most of us do. Learn a couple of simple techniques to ask for what you want so that complaining, negativity and drama is completely eliminated.

How to Set Boundaries

See how the ability to create and maintain good boundaries gives you a measure of control and increases your effectiveness. What if you have allowed others to cross your boundaries? You'll get the exact communication skills needed to make the necessary change and get cooperation. This skill is useful when you must have that "difficult conversation."

Own Your Power, Own Your Stuff

Most of us do not recognize the power we possess. At the same time we are conditioned to own other people's problems by rescuing instead of promoting empowerment. Once you learn how separate your issues from "their" issues you can release much of the drama that keeps you in unhealthy patterns.

Represent Yourself

If you have ever been caught in the middle trying to figure out who is telling you the truth, you will benefit from learning the concept of "represent yourself." This one skill alone can decrease your office drama and greatly improve your personal relationships and keep you out of family drama during the holidays, or other important family events where emotions run high

Presented By:

Marlene Chism is a speaker, author and founder of The Stop Your Drama Methodology an eight-part empowerment process to increase clarity and improve productivity and personal effectiveness. Marlene combines universal principles with sound business practices to bridge the inner and outer game of success. Marlene has a masters degree in HR Development from Webster University and she is the author of Success is a Given: Reading the Signs While Reinventing Your Life.

Marlene Chism, president of ICARE, is a “clarity consultant,” and the founder of the life-changing Stop Your Drama (SYD) Signature Process. Marlene defines drama as "any obstacle to your peace and prosperity." No matter how you define success, we each harbor personal barriers to success. Often, it takes an expert to see what holds us back.

Who would benefit from this program?

  • Managers
  • Directors
  • Executives

Price: $175.00