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One Size Does Not Fit All: Dealing With Many Personality Types in the Workplace

Why is it that one person feels rewarded by given more responsibility, yet another feels punished?

Why is there unnecessary conflict in the office between two people?

In this audio presentation, we take a close look at the four basic personality types inherently found in the workplace: the Commander, the Enthusiast, the Responder, and the Technician.

We explore the characteristics of each personality type, their strengths and weaknesses, and their likes and dislikes. We look at how these personalities tend to interact with each other and get along in a team environment, and the roles to which they naturally gravitate.

The presenter gives tips and techniques how to best interact with these personalities and identifies what motivates them in the workplace, and how you as a manager can most effectively use these different personalities types to enhance and maximize team performance.

You will learn:

  • The four basic personality types inherently found in the workplace
  • The characteristics of each personality type
  • The strengths and weaknesses of each personality type
  • How do these personalities Interact with each other
  • How to maximize these personalities for best team performance

Also, you will receive the personality sorter, called the CERT Test, which comes with the audio presentation. You and your staff can take the test yourselves to determine everyone’s personality type.

Presented By:

Stephen A. Caton

Stephen A. Caton is a management trainer and consultant from Delaware. Beginning as a Total Quality Manager Trainer for his Air Force Reserve Unit. He trained over 1,100 military members. Embracing a hands-on style of training, he became a management trainer for non-profit organizations through the Center for Development of Human Services in Buffalo, New York. He quickly began focusing on client needs and developed a wide array of original, customized training curricula. Soon he became a highly sought-after management consultant and trainer for both public and private organizations and businesses in the state of New York. He took a 14 year hiatus from consulting when he accepted a request to return to active duty as a C-130 aircraft instructor navigator where he eventually achieved the rank of Lt. Colonel. Having recently retired from the Air Force, he has again begun to design courses and work with management teams to improve their efficiencies and effectiveness in the workplace.

His areas of expertise are in leadership skills, systematic problem solving, project team facilitation, process improvement, and interpersonal dynamics in the workplace.

Price: $175.00