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Effective Communication for Your Remote Team: Communication Strategies that Will Inspire, Motivate and Engage Your Team From Afar

Leaders and managers today have direct reports or team members scattered from location to location – working from offices, homes or even coffee shops across the globe. In fact, 70% of managers have at least one direct report who doesn’t work in the same location as them.

And as a virtual manager and leader, you face even more challenges in staying connected, handling meetings and schedules and providing the support your staff expects and needs.

It’s your job to communicate vision and strategy to you team – and without the benefit of face-to-face communication and using tools you might not be comfortable with.

It’s your job to manage performance and morale and coach team members to reach their potential – and no daily pep talks at the water cooler or opportune coffee breaks for you.

It’s your responsibility to handle the day-to-day “people” issues that arise when more than one human being is involved – and as you probably know, a difficult conversation plus the telephone can equal even more difficulties.

Effective communication has always been essential to the success of your remote team. Good communication helps to build trust and creativity and problem-solving (thereby increasing productivity and success!) Without it, disengaged employees, increased conflict, decreased productivity, poor performance and ultimately employee turnover are often the result.

And that’s why we’ve brought in Wayne Turmel, President of GreatWebMeetings.com and the man behind TheConnectedManager blog, to help virtual leaders communicate, connect and lead, wherever they’re located.

In this training audio presentation, he’ll share unique communication strategies, tools and technology that are designed specifically for virtual teams.

You’ll learn:

  • What has to happen for teams to build trust and communication
  • Effective communication principles that ensure everyone is heard and understood (wherever they are!).
  • Communication techniques that increase dialogue and collaboration – ultimately ensuring that everyone is on the same page.
  • How to get maximum input and feedback on teleconferences and web meetings
  • Email, telephone, web meeting, SharePoint? Choosing the right communication and the best technology for the situation.
  • And much more!

Presented By:

Wayne Turmel



Wayne Turmel is a unique voice in the leadership and communication field. He’s the president of GreatWebMeetings.com, a company dedicated to helping people present, sell, train and lead their teams using today’s online presentation technology. He’s also well-known for his work on The Cranky Middle Manager Show podcast, TheConnectedManager.com blog and his numerous books including 6 Weeks to a Great Webinar and 10 Steps to Successful Virtual Presentations. His years as an entertainer, writer and business learning professional ensure this will be a unique and powerful learning opportunity.

Price: $119.00