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Stop Wasting Your People’s Time in Meetings!

"Ugh! Another waste of time in these stupid meetings."

"I could get my job done if I didn’t have to go to meetings all day."

Sound familiar? I think we have all been there at some point in our career, or still there now.

This one-hour audio presentation explores the multitude of ways meetings can waste your time and your staff’s time, resulting in decreased work output. By asking the “why” question, we see what’s causing meetings to drag on, be unproductive, take off on tangents, and generally irritate people. Once we know what’s causing these meeting problems, we can apply some surprisingly easy techniques to easily solve them and make our meeting efficient and effective.

In this presentation the speaker addresses examples of well-run and poorly-run meetings and how wasted time translates into wasted money. He explains the two basic functions meetings and the dynamics associated with each one. The tips and techniques begin with pre-meeting preparation, presenting actions and considerations every supervisor should address when planning a meeting. The presenter actually discussed the running of the meeting, interpersonal behaviors and group dynamics, some meeting tools to move the meeting along, and the best way to conclude a meeting.

For new managers, this presentation will help provide tips on ways to improve your meetings and your skills as a group leader. For experienced managers, this will be a great refresher training for you and you might pick up a new technique or two along the way!

Presented By:

Stephen A.Caton

Stephen A. Caton is a management trainer and consultant from Delaware. Beginning as a Total Quality Manager Trainer for his Air Force Reserve Unit. He trained over 1,100 military members. Embracing a hands-on style of training, he became a management trainer for non-profit organizations through the Center for Development of Human Services in Buffalo, New York. He quickly began focusing on client needs and developed a wide array of original, customized training curricula. Soon he became a highly sought-after management consultant and trainer for both public and private organizations and businesses in the state of New York. He took a 14 year hiatus from consulting when he accepted a request to return to active duty as a C-130 aircraft instructor navigator where he eventually achieved the rank of Lt. Colonel. Having recently retired from the Air Force, he has again begun to design courses and work with management teams to improve their efficiencies and effectiveness in the workplace.

His areas of expertise are in leadership skills, systematic problem solving, project team facilitation, process improvement, and interpersonal dynamics in the workplace.

Price: $175.00