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"No" Is a Complete Sentence: Techniques for Using "No" to Empower Yourself

In today’s business world, we’re battling the clock. Despite all the technology that is supposed to make us more productive, we struggle to find balance between our work and personal lives. We have fewer people sharing the workload, and we’re consistently expected to do more with less.

On top of that, we’re afraid to say “No” to our bosses, co-workers, children and friends, so we overextend ourselves and promise too much.

However, saying “Yes” to everything almost always leads to failure or burn out. If you never say “No,” some of your tasks likely fall through cracks. You complete others half-heartedly and they don’t meet your high standards. Even if you manage it all, you can keep it up only for so long before you burn out.

However, you can drastically cut your stress levels and reduce your obligations by using one magic word: No.

You might believe that saying “Yes” makes you a team player and an extraordinary employee, friend and parent. The reality is that if you don’t say “No” sometimes, you hurt your chances of having a successful career and a rewarding life.

The good news is that saying “No” is a skill and a mindset that you can develop. In “No” Is a Complete Sentence: Techniques for Using “No” to Empower Yourself you will learn how to say “No” effectively—and take back your life. During this 60-minute CD, Sara Jane Hope will share strategies that will teach you to manage your time, make stronger decisions, and become more self-confident and assertive.

Learn how to:

    • Discover your “Yes”—your reason for saying “No.”
    • Determine your tough spots: to whom, for what reasons and when you just can’t say “No.”
    • Identify your current say “No” approach.
    • Recognize the importance of saying “No” and what it will do for you.
    • Learn to say a positive “No” in an assertive way.

Using information based upon several works by experts in the power of the word “No” and on her own experiences, Sara Jane Hope will guide you to create your own action plan for making ‘No” work for you. Register today!

Presented By

Sara Jane Hope

Sara Jane Hope is an experienced, dedicated, and enthusiastic trainer, facilitator, and coach. Having worked in employment and training since 1980, she is a training and human resources professional dedicated to making a difference in the performance and knowledge of her trainees and the companies or organizations with whom she works. She is known for her interactive sessions that use many accelerated learning techniques.

Sara Jane develops and conducts many types of seminars and presentations on such topics as management development, interpersonal skills, customer service, team building, and leadership. Experienced as a facilitator for strategic planning and client focus group sessions, she has been asked to provide this service to both profit and not-for-profit organizations. Sara Jane reviews management and professional manuscripts for Berrett-Koehler publishing company and is currently working on her first book. She has been a breakout session or luncheon speaker for several professional organizations and has conducted many leadership and management webinars.

Price: $175.00