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Yes, Your PowerPoint Presentation IS Boring: Let's Fix That

PowerPoint has gotten a bad rap not because it’s a bad tool in and of itself, but because so many people misuse it. Although it was designed to enhance communication, in the wrong hands, PowerPoint has become, at best, an ineffective way to present information and, at worst, an instrument of torture. PowerPoint has become a ubiquitous tool in conference rooms around the world. However, it's a tool that is often misused, leading to boredom and frustration for audiences. A bored and frustrated audience will not receive your message, and you – the presenter – will not achieve your desired results.

However, used appropriately, slides can enhance a presentation and engage an audience. This audio presentation will discuss simple yet effective ways to help you create and deliver a compelling PowerPoint presentation. Many speakers know their slides are ineffective but don't know a better way. If you hate bad PowerPoint, don't be a perpetrator. Learn the principles of effective visuals and break the cycle!

Learning Objectives:

  • 3 most annoying PowerPoint habits and how to break them
  • How many slides are "too many?"
  • How to create slides that are simple and visual
  • Know when to use handouts instead of slides
  • Keep charts and diagrams manageable and understandable
  • Avoid PowerPoint pitfalls.
  • Identify the essential components of a strong PowerPoint presentation.

Presented by:

Lisa Braithwaite

Lisa Braithwaite is a public speaking coach and trainer. She helps entrepreneurs and professionals create memorable and engaging presentations.

Before launching her public speaking coaching business, she worked in the nonprofit sector for 16 years as an advocate, educator and trainer. She has a B.A. in theater and an M.A. in education.

Her philosophy of public speaking is that it’s fun, that it’s an awesome way to express yourself creatively, and that passion and enthusiasm are worth more than a thousand techniques. Lisa is the author of 101 Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking, a free e-book that she offers as a tool to anyone wanting to improve their public speaking skills, and the blog “Speak Schmeak.”

Who Would Benefit From This Program:

  • Managers
  • Directors
  • Professionals

Length: 60 Minutes

Price: $175.00