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Reclaim your life! (Strategies to help you work less, accomplish more and eliminate chaos & overload).

The phone’s ringing, your inbox is full and you’re practically drowning in the stack of papers on your desk. By the time you finish wading through all of this, you barely have any time left to do ACTUAL work! Not to mention that you’re juggling the work of three employees so your stress level is through the roof. How do you get your work done, get the most out of every day and still manage to maintain your sanity? It’s chaos! But it doesn’t have to be…

In this teleseminar, you’ll learn the skills you need to get ahead of your daily workload. You’ll learn how to effectively schedule and manage your day–starting with logging your time to handling multiple meetings to multitasking (or not) and on to prioritizing. At the end of the 60 minutes, you’ll have a solid strategy to manage the chaos and turn the typical crazy workday into a truly efficient one that produces results!

Learning Objectives:

    • Awareness:  The principles of time management and how they apply to you
    • Multi-tasking: To do or not to do?
    • Delegation: How do you know when to pass it on?
    • Scheduling: The 3 Questions (What, When and How)
    • Prioritization: Choosing the right activities to invest your time in on a daily basis

Presented By

Sara Jane Hope

Sara Jane Hope is an experienced, dedicated, and enthusiastic trainer, facilitator, and coach. Having worked in employment and training since 1980, she is a training and human resources professional dedicated to making a difference in the performance and knowledge of her trainees and the companies or organizations with whom she works. She is known for her interactive sessions that use many accelerated learning techniques.

Sara Jane develops and conducts many types of seminars and presentations on such topics as management development, interpersonal skills, customer service, team building, and leadership. Experienced as a facilitator for strategic planning and client focus group sessions, she has been asked to provide this service to both profit and not-for-profit organizations. Sara Jane reviews management and professional manuscripts for Berrett-Koehler publishing company and is currently working on her first book. She has been a breakout session or luncheon speaker for several professional organizations and has conducted many leadership and management webinars.

Price: $175.00