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What Do Emotions Have to Do With Projects?

Are your emotions killing you AND your projects? Current research shows that when we lose our cool over something, it takes us over four hours to get over it. And when we’re stressed, our decision making ability is compromised because the brain is working in survival-mode.

As you well know, Project Management is about so much more than defining the scope of a project, creating a plan and tracking costs. Now more than ever, it’s about developing relationships, team building, influencing and negotiating, often times in an intricate environment. And by leveraging Emotional Intelligence, you can:

  • Improve decision making
  • Enhance your ability to solve problems
  • Build more effective relationships
  • Influence the goals and outcomes of a project

In What Do Emotions Have to Do With Projects, Lou Russell, a best-selling author, executive consultant, speaker & CEO of Russell Martin, draws on 30 years of experience to teach you how to be aware of those who are experiencing an “emotional hangover” and how to get past it.

In just 60 minutes, Lou provides research and shows you how to map it to ways to improve how you and your team react to chaotic circumstances. You’ll discover the triggers that drive disruptive emotions and learn ways to avoid or react to those triggers and situations.

After attending this teleseminar, the participants will learn:

  • How to identify triggers to emotional reactions before they happen
  • Techniques to avoid or reduce the reaction to emotional triggers
  • How to map this information for their teams to minimize bad decision making
  • About current tools and instruments to help teams under stress

Individuals attending this teleseminar are involved in one or more of the following areas:

  • Managing teams
  • Guiding members of the team or co-workers through time of transition or change
  • In charge of or working with people who are making company or team decisions

Presented By

Lou Russell


Russell Martin & Associates and L+earn

Lou is the CEO of Russell Martin & Associates and L+earn, an executive consultant, speaker, and author whose passion is to create growth in companies by guiding the growth of their people. In her speaking, training, and writing, Lou draws on 30 years of experience helping organizations achieve their full potential. She is committed to inspiring improvement in all three sides of what she has dubbed the Optimization Triangle: leadership, project management, and individual learning.

Lou is the author of six popular and practical books: IT Leadership Alchemy; The Accelerated Learning Fieldbook ; Training Triage Leadership Training; Project Management for Trainers and 10 Steps to Successful Project Management. Writing books allows Lou to share her passion to a broader audience to help people be more efficient.

As a sought-after international speaker to leaders, Lou blends her humorous stories with her engaging on-the-ground experience to customize her presentation, facilitation and teaching to the real problems of the people in the room. Encouraged by Lou’s upbeat and practical style, every participant leaves with new enthusiasm and tools to improve their bottom line through their people. Her motto is Lecture As A Last Resort. You will be moving, laughing, participating, inspired and challenged. Most importantly to Lou, you will learn.

Lou has spoken at over 300 conferences including the ASTD International Conference, Society of Information Management (SIM), Training, American Museum Association, Nursing Educators, Career College Association, LOTUSphere, Project Management Institute, Project World and at many corporate events for over 20 years.

Price: $175.00