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The Power of Trust: Building Workplace Trust in an Untrusting World

Leadership experts will almost always agree on one thing: to be a successful leader you must be a trustworthy leader. And in today’s uncertain climate, it is not surprising that study after study shows a decline in the trust that individuals have in business.

But the bottom line is: If your employees don’t trust you, you can’t truly lead them.

Why? Because they will doubt every word you say, and you’ll have no credibility and very little influence. Employees will likely fulfill the obligations of their job—mostly out of fear of being fired—but they won’t be inspired to go above and beyond. They’ll be in a constant state of worry about the health of the organization, what you are doing “behind their backs” and the security of their jobs.

When employees can’t trust you, they can’t trust the organization. Their morale, productivity, loyalty—and job satisfaction suffer, and they usually end up quitting.

You can be the type of leader that employees trust—and put their faith in. In The Power of Trust: Building Workplace Trust in an Untrusting World, you’ll learn how to foster a culture of trust in your organization.

In just 60 minutes, critically acclaimed productivity coach, Bruce Lee, will teach you how to:

  • Build the 5 top leadership skills necessary to engage your people in creating a dynamic and empowering workplace.
  • Understand the two critical factors that create or destroy trust.
  • Identify the most significant reasons employees leave and the impact turnover has on everyone.
  • Discover the real power of TRUST that drives productivity and profitability.
  • Grow trust among your employees.
  • Implement the 3 key ideas called S.A.M. that will improve engagement, creativity, retention and morale.

Trust is the power to inspire and influence. With more trust, you will enjoy a more positive and productive culture, improved communication and better relationships and results overall. Learn how to develop the trust and respect that will transform your life! Order now!

Presented By

Bruce Lee

Bruce is a strategist, speaker, productivity coach and MC. His passion is working with individuals and organizations to enhance their leadership results and individual productivity through focused educational workshops of implementation of the concepts and strategies that will improve the bottom line, increasemarket share and employee and customer loyalty and retention. As a former business owner and having been involved in 4 businesses from a good cross section of industry, Bruce brings a hands on approach to employee and customer satisfaction. Each presentation includes a variety of additional resources and tools after to support the training and measure skill levels.

Price: $175.00