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How Women Lead: The 8 Essential Strategies Successful Women Know

Women in leadership certainly isn’t a new topic. Susan B. Anthony, Eleanor Roosevelt, Margaret Thatcher and countless others were blazing the trail for women long before Sheryl Sandberg or Marissa Mayer stepped on the stage.

And despite the tremendous advances women professionals have experienced over the years, there are still tough challenges – front and center being the challenge of integrating your personal and professional goals. In addition, we often struggle with developing the skills we need to become high potential leaders.

And the fact is there are tremendous opportunities for women in today’s business world if you know how to capitalize on them.

Developed by women’s leadership experts, Sharon Hadary and Laura Henderson, How Women Lead builds on your abilities and strengths to help you become a highly effective and inspiring leader with success strategies that will transform how you approach your career!

Drawing from examples of highly accomplished women from every corner of business, you’ll get proven, practical knowledge that you can put into action immediately.

Get answers to these questions and more!

    • What the research is showing about the impact of women in management and the contributions they make to the more effective operations and financial success of organizations.
    • What is the difference between those women who have attained top leadership positions and those who have not?
    • What can women who aspire to reach senior leadership roles learn from highly successful women (including the presenters’ years of research and experience)?
    • What can corporate leaders do to accelerate the growth of women through the pipeline?

Whether you’re looking to accelerate your movement into higher leadership positions, contemplating your next career move or simply wanting to become a more effective, more confident leader, this teleseminar can help you!

After attending this seminar, you will be able to:

    • Lead confidently like a woman
    • Build a career based on your own terms, values, and passions
    • Gain the critical business skills needed to advance in business
    • Advocate successfully for yourself
    • Integrate your personal and professional lives more skillfully

But this teleseminar isn’t just for women! The latest research shows that corporations with more women in leadership are up to 65% more profitable than those with fewer women leaders.

Senior management, coaches, and mentors must learn to empower women and accelerate their growth through the pipeline to ensure their organization benefits from the full value of women's business contributions. The success strategies will show how management can strengthen their organizations by moving women into leadership.

Men leaders will be able to:

    • Understand in quantifiable terms the positive impact of women in leadership
    • Recognize and address the gaps in training and opportunities affecting women's advancement
    • Appreciate the differences in management style women bring and see how to integrate them with men's management styles to increase organizational effectiveness

Presented By:

Sharon G. Hadary
Sharon Hadary & Co.

As the former and founding executive director of the Center for Women’s Business Research, Dr. Sharon Hadary has been a leader in creating social change for women for over two decades. At the Center for Women’s Business Research, the premier non-profit research institute devoted to studying women's entrepreneurship, she harnessed the transformational impact of data and altered forever the landscape for women business owners in access to capital, markets, expertise, and networks.

Sharon Hadary has been a corporate executive, a researcher, a consultant, a teacher and an entrepreneur. When it comes to women’s entrepreneurial and corporate leadership, she knows the people as well as the data.

Today, as Principal of Sharon Hadary & Co, she is teaching, writing, and speaking nationally on the subject of women’s leadership. Her new book, co-authored with Laura Henderson, How Women Lead: The 8 Essential Strategies Successful Women Know has just been released.

Currently she is an adjunct professor at University of Maryland University College teaching leadership in the doctoral program. She has received multiple awards for her work on behalf of women entrepreneurs.

Price: $175.00