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Emotional Intelligence: Lessons Learned from Challenging Times

Virtual work, Unemployment, Pandemic, Quarantine, Lockdowns, Virtual School, Elections, and so many extraordinary challenges this year has challenged all of us emotionally on multiple levels.

What can we learn from emotional intelligence about how to survive, even thrive during adversity? Chuck offers concrete ideas, lessons, tips on how to build resilience, how to manage your own emotions, how you can support others at work and at home. Learn to track your own emotions and how emotions are impacting you, and what you can do about it. Learn the difference of how introverts and extraverts handle quarantines and isolation. Learn how a cancer patient has used the Emotion Roadmap to improve her relationships with friends and family. How a new partnership benefited by one partner pulling out and avoiding serious problems because a coach used the Emotion Roadmap. How a brand new Director of Talent Management used empathic concern and the Emotion Roadmap to handle what could have been a career ending challenge. How an approach to diversity and inclusion avoids creating defensiveness by using the Emotion Roadmap.

Learn what it means when your partner at home is not sensitive to your feelings. Learn about the novel idea of emotional disabilities, that is, when people are not sensitive to your feelings, it may seem that they may not be interested in your feelings, or, it is possible that they are unable to sense how you feel.

This one hour video presentation features Chuck Wolfe, one of the world’s leaders in emotional intelligence speaking, coaching, and training, describing innovative practical techniques combined with descriptive case studies demonstrating how people are using the Emotion Roadmap to make life better.


Charles Wolfe

Charles J. Wolfe Associates, LLC Charles (Chuck) Wolfe is a leadership consultant who is an expert in emotional intelligence. Other specialties include executive coaching, organization and individual behavior, change management, leadership and team development, and performance management. His professional career includes working as a counselor and therapist, research associate for organizational behavior in Harvard Business School’s Executive Program for Management Development, Director of Organizational Behavior and Leadership for Exxon, Director of Leadership Development for Hartford Insurance, and since 1994 he has led his own consulting business, Charles J. Wolfe Associates, LLC. His clients include healthcare organizations, financial services, manufacturing, hospitality and gaming industry, military, government, schools and universities. His practice is global and he has had courses that he has created translated into multiple languages including Spanish, French, German and Mandarin and taught all over the world.

His work in emotional intelligence at Kaiser Permanente, Philips, Marriott, and AIG is viewed as world class. He is featured in a CRM Learning video on Emotional Intelligence along with Dan Goleman and Peter Salovey, President of Yale University. He is the creator of his own radio talk show on public radio called The Emotion Roadmap: Take the Wheel and Control How You Feel. The show combines helping listeners deal with emotionally challenging situations with interviews of people from all over the world who have something important to say and share that relates to our understanding of emotional intelligence.

Price: $149.00