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How to Be the Quarterback of Your Team!

Most football fans believe that the quarterback is the most important position in football and that the team is only going as far as its quarterback can take it. This brings us to the topic of this webinar - Leadership.

How important is the quarterback of your work team? Are you the leader charged with increasing operational efficiency through loyal and committed employees? Are you capable of seeing past the inevitable challenges and chaos in front of you and can you quickly turn crisis into opportunity?

Quarterbacks lead by example. Their actions speak louder than words. They create success by supporting a culture of dialogue with a unique blend of talent, toughness, understanding and leadership.

Similarly, managers, supervisors, team leaders, executives and business owners are responsible for leading his/her team down the field to success. An effective leader inspires everyone on the team to work together toward a common goal.

You can skip far-out management theories and crazy gimmicks when it comes to helping your employees maximize their potential. Put yourself on the path to becoming the best quarterback you can be in helping to develop your employees today, to meet tomorrow’s needs. Learn new skills for fast-tracking your career in this content-rich webinar. Highlights include how to:

  • Communicate and listen with the “third” ear.
  • Build a retention culture and a balanced team with players who are willing to go the extra mile.
  • Fine-tune your coaching skills and learn specific strategies to help your team deal with challenges.
  • Tactfully manage conflict by disarming and defusing confrontational employees and situations.
  • Appraise performance and learn the skills that will put an end to anxiety concerning appraisals.

Presented By:

Carol Hacker

Carol Hacker is the former Director of Human Resources for the North American Division of a European manufacturer, Employee Relations Manager for the Miller Brewing Company, and County Office Director for the US Department of Labor. Carol has been the President and CEO of Hacker & Associates, a management consulting and seminar company since January 1989. She specializes in teaching managers, supervisors, team leaders, HR professionals, business owners, and executives how to meet the leadership challenge. She's the author of over 400 published articles, scores of audio CDs and 14 books including the bestseller, Hiring Top Performers-350 Great Interview Questions For People Who Need People. She earned her BS and MS with honors from the University of Wisconsin.

Price: $99.00