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How to Conduct Performance Appraisals That Bridge the Gap Between Hurtful Criticism and Constructive Feedback

Your success as a leader largely depends upon how well the people you supervise perform. However it's one of a leader's most difficult tasks. This webinar is not about "the form." It's about the "dialogue" that takes place between two people within a comfortable, stress-free discussion. It's also about using performance appraisals as a motivational tool and bridging the gap between hurtful criticism and constructive feedback.

Impact your bottom line immediately by learning how to stop the uncertainty and anxiety of appraising employee performance. Find out how to set measurable goals and focus on future profitability. Highlights of this webinar include how to:

  • Develop specific and reasonable performance criteria against which your employees will be measured throughout the year.
  • Get comfortable discussing numerical rankings or categories such as "Exceeds Expectations," "Above Average," "Below Average," etc. by creating a detailed definition for each category.
  • Give critical feedback without causing defensiveness regarding how the employee, met, surpassed or fell short of the established goals.
  • Decide whether or not "Forced Ranking" or "360 Degree Feedback" makes sense for you and your organization or department.
  • Utilize the self-evaluation technique so that your employees have an opportunity to talk about how they think things are going.
  • Avoid the 10 most common mistakes that managers make when appraising performance
  • Acknowledge your "A Team," players, encourage your "B Team Players," and coach and counsel your poor performers toward improvement or eventually terminate them.
  • Minimize legal problems as a result of everything that you say and do.

Speaker Bio

Carol Hacker

Carol Hacker is the former Director of Human Resources for the North American Division of a European manufacturer, Employee Relations Manager for the Miller Brewing Company, and County Office Director for the US Department of Labor. Carol has been the President and CEO of Hacker & Associates, a management consulting and seminar company since January 1989. She specializes in teaching managers, supervisors, team leaders, HR professionals, business owners, and executives how to meet the leadership challenge. She's the author of over 400 published articles, scores of audio CDs and 14 books including the bestseller, Hiring Top Performers-350 Great Interview Questions For People Who Need People. She earned her BS and MS with honors from the University of Wisconsin.

Price: $175.00