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A Survival Guide for Dealing with Difficult Co-Workers

Live Audio Conference presented by Carol Hacker
April 18, 2018 / 1:30-2:30pm ET (Recording Included)

How many times have you had to work with a difficult co-worker? Have you ever thrown up your hands in frustration because of someone's negative attitude, back-stabbing, lack of attention to timeliness or detail, or disruptive behavior? Many of these frustrations are part of daily work life. However, your self-esteem, confidence and professional courage can help you survive difficult co-workers.

We sometimes ignore little annoyances, but when they get more serious, it's time to address the problem. Work stress comes in all forms, from navigating office politics to meeting tight deadlines. But when you're dealing with difficult co-workers, your daily frustrations can drive you nuts! When it reaches a point where you are beside yourself with stress and you don't know what to do next, it's time to so something about it.

In this webinar learn how to defend yourself against negative emotions or unreasonable demands. Find out how to alter bad situations; you may be surprised at how much you can do to change a difficult co-worker into someone you can at least tolerate. Highlights of this presentation taught by HR professional, Carol Hacker, include how to:

  • Identify toxic people and avoid becoming a victim of co-workers who enjoy making your life miserable.
  • Set limits when negative behavior is directed toward you.
  • Assess the severity of the problem.
  • Implement coping skills when you can no longer stand to be around difficult co-workers.
  • Deal with difficult co-workers by first understanding your own strengths and weaknesses and then adjusting your communication style to exert positive influence.
  • Handle quick-tempered co-workers without getting upset and taking the blame for their actions.
  • Avoid constant complaining about a co-worker or you will quickly earn the title of “chronic complainer.”

Presented By

Carol Hacker

Carol Hacker is the former Director of Human Resources for the North American Division of a European manufacturer, Employee Relations Manager for the Miller Brewing Company, and County Office Director for the US Department of Labor. Carol has been the President and CEO of Hacker & Associates, a management consulting and seminar company since January 1989. She specializes in teaching managers, supervisors, team leaders, HR professionals, business owners, and executives how to meet the leadership challenge. She's the author of over 400 published articles, scores of audio CDs and 14 books including the bestseller, Hiring Top Performers-350 Great Interview Questions For People Who Need People. She earned her BS and MS with honors from the University of Wisconsin.

Price: $175.00