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How to Energize Apathetic Employees

Do you have talented people on your team who are apathetic, but you tolerate them because they do good work? Do some employees imply that they could care less whether they leave or stay? To maintain a competitive advantage in today's fast-paced world, organizations need to address apathy and engage all of their employees. Is it really possible to convert apathetic employees? The answer is "yes," but it takes time and know-how.

As a manager, you must start by tapping into the strengths of every individual on your team. You need to help your people feel included, respected, and excited to be a part of something larger than themselves. You must create an engagement-focused culture that brings purpose and meaning to the day-to-day activities that your employees are engaged in. They want to feel assured that they're working in a great organization, for a great manager, with the promise of an even brighter future ahead. It's a big job, but it can be done!

When it comes to job satisfaction, financial rewards may be lower on the list than most managers think. Being happy with their jobs often correlates more with the intangibles such as feeling part of a team and consistently being valued and appreciated. It often outranks money when employees are polled regarding their job satisfaction.

This webinar addresses how to energize apathetic personnel. An individualized approach to communication, career development, and management is the key to harnessing employees' energy and commitment. You'll walk away from this presentation with dozens of practical tips for making a difference when it comes to energizing disengaged workers.

Highlights of this webinar include how to:

  • Stay on top of apathy beginning with the hiring process and new-hire employee orientation.
  • Promote psychological ownership so employees are proud to say: "This is MY employer!"
  • Tap into the strengths of every member on your team.
  • Create a culture of communication for managers and employees to share common goals and work together to achieve them.
  • Get employees to use their own judgments in making decisions and carrying out their work.
  • Apply empowering alternatives that keep employees boxed within the narrow confines of their compartmentalized functions.
  • Confidently deal with the threat to a healthy workplace culture when apathetic employees hang on even though they are dissatisfied.

Presented By:

Carol Hacker

Carol Hacker is the former Director of Human Resources for the North American Division of a European manufacturer, Employee Relations Manager for the Miller Brewing Company, and County Office Director for the US Department of Labor. Carol has been the President and CEO of Hacker & Associates, a management consulting and seminar company since January 1989. She specializes in teaching managers, supervisors, team leaders, HR professionals, business owners, and executives how to meet the leadership challenge. She's the author of over 400 published articles, scores of audio CDs and 14 books including the bestseller, Hiring Top Performers-350 Great Interview Questions For People Who Need People. She earned her BS and MS with honors from the University of Wisconsin.

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