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FROM BUTTERFLIES TO BRILLIANCE - The Powerful Presenter's 12-Step Program

As a leader, you're presenting on a daily basis – whether it's motivating your team to gear up for a new initiative or pitching an idea to your boss or making a sales pitch to a prospective client, a leader's life is a series of “presentations” where we attempt to motivate, persuade or influence.

And great presentations don't happen by accident. It can be nearly impossible to motivate or persuade ANY audience if you're apprehensive or fearful when delivering your message. Because no matter how good or important that message is, if it's not done in a compelling and attention-grabbing way, you will not be effective.

You aren't alone; very few people have the instinctive ability to captivate an audience right off the bat.

Luckily, these skills and techniques are easy to learn and implement. And once you've mastered them, the possibilities are endless and you'll deliver every message succinctly, vibrantly and with confidence!

Join speaking coach and trainer, Jeanette Henderson, for this program where she will introduce her innovative 12-step program for delivering powerful and effective presentations.

In just 60 minutes, Jeanette will show you how to connect with your audience using interactive techniques, communicating your message with confidence and charisma.

You'll learn why it's critical to grab your audience's attention immediately, as well as specific ways to adjust your vocal tone, style and body language, for maximum impact and delivery.

You'll learn:

  • The Three Steps of Instinctive Natural Communication
  • The Three Steps of Essential Human Interaction
  • The Three Steps of Building Your Inspirational Content
  • The Three Steps to Delivering Your Presentation Brilliantly!

As a leader, you are expected to confidently present and communicate, whether it's publicly or organizationally. Let us help you create more powerful presentations. With the tips you'll learn in this program, you'll understand what makes a high-impact presentation and how you can deliver one every time!

Presented by:

Jeanette Henderson

Jeanette Henderson and her husband Roy have been providing training, consulting and personal coaching to people from all walks of life for more than eighty years of accumulated combined experience. They have conducted Training Camps, Workshops, Seminars, and Keynote speeches, and are the co-authors of There's No Such Thing as Public Speaking, which has been listed in the Top Ten for books on public speaking on Amazon almost since it was first released by Penguin in January 2007.

Most notably, they have been the official Speech Coach and Presentation Advisor to every Republican National Convention since 1992, and are the facilitator for the American Speaker Training Camps.

Jeanette has worked freelance in radio and television since 1983, and is an award-winning producer, voice-over artist, and on-air personality. She also is a well-received commentator on all things "presentational" as well as political.

Price: $175.00