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EQ Making a Better Coach

Leadership Coaching, Career Coaching, Life Coaching all benefit from emotional intelligence!

There are many models of emotional intelligence but only one Emotion Roadmap that teaches you how to handle challenging situations like talent management, conflict, leading change, and counseling.

As a coach guiding and counseling others, there are always moments when emotions rise to the surface, sometimes unexpectedly, and if you handle the situation poorly the relationship may never be the same.

This session is for all professional coaches and everyone in a leadership role that wants to learn how to perform more effectively when they are called upon to coach one or more of their team members.

The session will include a few a case study involving leadership and real examples from the radio show “The Emotion Roadmap: Take the Wheel and Control How You Feel.” You will hear how using the Roadmap helped a woman deal with anger in the workplace, and a life coaching example helping a person deal with life challenges.

The successful coach helps clients change behavior by influencing clients’ feelings and thoughts. Learn how to help your clients, team members, and others manage their relationships.

Learn how to:

  1. Use the Emotion Roadmap
  2. Help someone deal with aggressive and angry behavior
  3. Guide someone on a career path
  4. Grow people’s leadership skills

Presented by:

Chuck Wolfe is keynote speaker, leadership coach, consultant and trainer, and author. His newest chapter which will be published in 2018 in a Professional Desk Reference for Coaches is called “Successful Coaches Influence Clients’ Feelings, Thoughts, and Behaviors.

Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AIG American General Life

"I highly recommend Chuck Wolfe as an excellent Executive Coach. He helped us manage change, build our team, and manage our talent. We hired Chuck to Coach our senior team, including myself, and the progress has been great. In addition we used Chuck as a speaker and with groups of middle management personnel. The results have been excellent. All of us that have worked with Chuck have personally benefited and we highly recommend him."

Price: $175.00