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Coaching to Empowerment: Build a Culture of Personal Responsibility

Workplace drama in the form of employee complaints affects workplace culture. Constant disruption turns the leader’s open-door into a revolving door, compromises focus and significantly affects productivity and leadership effectiveness.

Without the necessary leadership development leaders lack the critical communication skills required to shift the conversation and move employees forward. It’s not just the front line supervisors or middle managers who struggle: Directors, business unit managers and C-suite leaders often make the three most common mistakes: ignoring the problem, fixing the problem or blaming the employee for having a bad attitude. None of these coping mechanisms promote a healthy workplace culture or empower the employee to take responsibility.

Marlene Chism, author of Stop Workplace Drama, and No-Drama Leadership offers a model and methodology to effectively coach employees to empowerment and create a culture of responsibility. In this program leaders learn how to

  • Recognize signs of disempowerment
  • Avoid distractions
  • Redirect unproductive conversations
  • Focus on the end result
  • Identify resistance
  • Eliminate or reduce barriers
  • Promote a culture of personal responsibility

Take charge of your leadership, increase productivity and coach employees to empowerment. This program is available as an onsite-leadership development consulting package, a conference breakout, and webinar.

Presented By

Marlene Chism

Marlene Chism is an executive educator, consultant and international speaker. She is the author of two commercially published books: Stop Workplace Drama (Wiley 2011) and No-Drama Leadership (Bibliomotion 2015.) Marlene Works with leaders to dramatically improve leadership effectiveness and business results. From webinars to speaking engagements s to onsite-retreats Marlene’s message of personal responsibility and empowerment inspires and reaches a global audience. To learn more visit www.marlenechism.com

Price: $175.00