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Managing Difficult Conversations: Learn how to handle difficult conversations, defuse tense situations and eliminate conflict!

Unresolved Conflict Is Wasting Two Days of Your Time Each and EVERY Week!

The average manager spends 35% of his/her time dealing with workplace conflicts (yep, that’s two days per week). And there isn’t a manager around who won’t be faced with a conflict situation at some time. Whether it’s a difficult conversation with a poor-performing employee...or mediation between two clashing personalities on the team...or gossip, back-biting and office politics – conflict is a certainty.

As much as you’d like to avoid conflict, you can’t (or shouldn’t)...because when left unresolved, conflict will:

  • Promote distrust and destroy morale
  • Lower your team’s (and your) productivity
  • Break down relationships within a team
  • Waste valuable time and energy
  • Lead to employee turnover

Your ability to handle difficult conversations and defuse conflict situations will absolutely determine your success as a leader.

But maybe you don’t feel confident in your skills? Maybe you’ve been avoiding a difficult conversation simply because you don’t feel adequately equipped to address it? Maybe you’re just not confident enough in your communication and conflict resolution skills?

The good news is that you are not alone. Many people avoid conflict simply because they don’t feel adequately equipped to address it. But you can learn both the skills and the mindset to have true confidence in your ability to handle every challenging conversation and conflict that comes your way!

Learn How to Confidently Handle Difficult Conversations with Less Stress & More Success

In this powerful webinar, you will learn how to confidently handle difficult conversations and manage conflict situations effectively and successfully. You’ll learn step-by-step how to create a dialogue that creates shared understanding and leads the conversation to your desired outcome.

You’ll learn:

  • The best ways to communicate with each person on your team
  • Tips for establishing trust in the workplace
  • How to prepare in advance for difficult conversations so that you have the most successful outcome
  • How to determine if your messages are being heard as you intend and what to do if they’re not
  • The 9 steps to creating effective and successful dialogue for any conflict conversation

With the simple techniques and solutions that you’ll learn in this webinar, you will be able to create better working and family relationships, ease your communication problems and improve the quality of your life!

Presented By

Calvin Dorsey

Calvin Dorsey, President of Dorsey Management Services, has trained more than 15,000 people from various countries and cultures from around the world. He has over thirty-nine years of successful training, consulting, management, and sales experience. Prior to starting his management consulting business, Calvin served as a Vice-President of Sales, General Sales Manager, Sales Manager, and Account Executive with top broadcasting companies. He has also been a College Professor in the School of Management at a leading Texas University where he was named Adjunct of the Year. Calvin has published articles in national sales publications, produced and hosted a public affairs television show which earned fifteen international awards including the prestigious Silver Telly, and set numerous sales records as a manager and salesperson. Of the most recent 1,179 people who have attended his training programs, 99% rated his “Trainer Effectiveness” as Good, Very Good or Excellent. Calvin has a Master’s Degree and he is a graduate of Stanford University.

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