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The Essential Speech Toolkit

It’s been proven time and again: the fastest way to career advancement is the ability to communicate effectively, particularly when it comes to making a great speech or presentation. Whether it’s selling your boss on your latest idea, pitching a new product to your clients, or convincing your team of the latest change initiative, life is a series of presentations - conversations where we attempt to get attention, motivate, persuade or influence. But a great presentation doesn’t happen by accident. Very few people can just engage the audience without any training at all. Even when prepared, there are still many common mistakes that people make. Some are benign, but some are downright disastrous, and have your audience tuning out in record time. But you can learn how to be a better presenter; it is absolutely a skill you need to add to your leadership toolbox, and a tool to keep sharp once you do.

Order this Toolkit and receive 5 hours of instruction that will help you master public speaking!

Session One - How to Write the Perfect Speech

While we all know a great script when we hear one, we don’t always know WHY one script works better than another. We all know how it feels to be moved by a great speech, but we don’t all know exactly what it was that accomplished it. We have all experienced an inspirational speech that called us to action, but we aren’t really sure why one speech does it and another doesn’t.
This one-hour audio presentation will teach you not only WHY one script is better than another, in practical, logical, step-by-step terms, but also how to re-create the magic of a GREAT speech using the innovative methods of one of the world’s top speech coaches.

You will learn:

  • How to determine a strategy for your script.
  • How to enact that strategy in the most effective way.
  • How to organize the content of your script for the maximum effect.
  • How to appeal to your audience to compel them to agree with you.
  • How to get the audience to do what YOU want, by design.

No other form of self-improvement can do more for your career than being able to inspire an audience, and that begins with the building block of writing a great script.

Session Two - Overcoming the 9 Mammoth Mistakes of Public Speaking and Presentations: Learn tips for avoiding these disastrous communication mistakes!

Mistakes, hurdles and yes, pitfalls, can and will happen. From poor quality of your presentation materials, (visuals are everything — you need to make them count!) to not being able to read your audience, there are a lot of moving pieces to a great presentation. In this one-hour audio presentation you will learn about the most common pitfalls and communications mistakes, and what you can do to avoid them. We’ll cover:

  • How to know exactly what your audience wants, before you deliver it.
  • How to capitalize on your first impression.
  • How to write a ‘plot’ for your presentation
  • The best way to incorporate a call to action in your presentation
  • What the very worst ways of presenting visuals are
  • The importance of body language and how to master your own
  • The importance of rehearsing and how to know when you’re ready for public viewing!

Session Three: The Formula for Presentation Inspiration: Learn how to arrange presentations that are compelling and inspire action!

The greatest accomplishment of any presentation is to inspire your listeners to ACTION, to think, feel, or do something DIFFERENTLY than before your encounter with them. But what’s the difference between a presentation that succeeds and a presentation that fails? Many will say that it’s subjective – charisma, circumstance, luck. But we know that it’s actually very scientific.

Inspirational presentation is all about cause and effect: knowing what effect you want to achieve, and identifying the causes you need to demonstrate to achieve that effect. A great presentation doesn’t happen by accident; it is the result of a tried and true process.

This one-hour audio presentation will reveal the best, most effective way to arrange the content of your presentation, a simple Three-Step Formula for Inspiration.

  • Connect with, influence, and INSPIRE your audience
  • Arrange your message clearly and in such a compelling way that others must join you in a mutually-beneficial alliance
  • Keep calm and focused, speaking like a pro in ANY situation

Session Four: The Art of Storytelling: Learn to master the use of theatre and storytelling for individual and organizational performance

As human beings, we are all natural storytellers because we all have a story to tell. Stories are the foundation for how we communicate. They enable us to make a personal connection on a deeper and richer level. So whether we’re sharing with a potential customer the story of a client whose life we changed or we’re delivering a cautionary tale to employees about what can go wrong when people don’t follow procedure, we use stories to drive home a message and make it stick.

If you master the art of storytelling, you will find it easier to train employees, build rapport with customers, influence, inspire and motivate others, and gain people’s trust and confidence. Being a good storyteller is more than just having an arsenal of great stories to pull from and share. It’s about how you tell the story.

Learn to become a master storyteller by listening to the The Art of Storytelling with Kat Koppett. An expert in both Drama and Organizational Psychology, Kat combines the wisdom and strengths of both disciplines to create a practical and transformative program.

You’ll walk away from this one-hour session knowing how to:

  • Build trust and rapport with customers.
  • Develop stronger relationships with employees and clients.
  • Influence customers to buy by weaving great stories into your sales pitches.
  • Engage people immediately by piquing their interests.
  • Encourage people to open up and share their own stories.
  • Make employee and customer training stickier.
  • And much more!

Session Five: To Power Point or NOT to Power Point

“I know you can’t read this, but…”

Who hasn’t sat through a poorly constructed, boring presentation with endless slides of data, too small to even read from your seat in the audience? Unfortunately, this misuse of PowerPoint as a communication tool has given it a bad reputation in the workplace. And while it’s true that PowerPoint can certainly be the dreaded curse of presentations today, it can also be a major asset. When used appropriately, this tool can enhance a presentation and engage the audience, improving your ability to persuade and influence others.

As a leader, whether you want to or not, there will be times when you will be a presenter. And without the ability to effectively present and communicate, you will have great difficulty making things happen. By focusing on using PowerPoint as it was intended (a tool to ENHANCE presentations), you’ll learn how to incorporate visuals into your presentations to support and strengthen them, not to define them.

  • How to “think outside the slide” when you’re crafting your presentation
  • Tips for building powerful visuals and crafting your slides, including the importance of white space
  • When to use lists or bullet points and how to incorporate them into your presentation without sounding like a robot
  • The top PowerPoint pitfalls and how you can avoid them
  • Strategies for rehearsing and practicing your presentation, ensuring an excited and engaged audience

In this one-hour audio presentation, you will learn the secrets for knowing when and how you should be using PowerPoint, helping you to create powerful presentations that will engage, persuade and influence your audience!

Receive all five hours of training to master public speaking.

Price: $199.00