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Communicating with Emotional Intelligence: Learn Communication Tools for Getting Better Results with People (and without the Stress & Frustration)!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where, when it mattered most, you displayed your worst behavior? A disgruntled customer, a micromanaging boss, a conflict conversation with a team member…you had every intention of staying calm and professional, but it didn’t quite work out that way.

Using your emotions in a positive way is emotional intelligence or EQ. And your emotional intelligence is the foundation for a host of critical skills—it impacts most everything you say and do each day. In fact, studies have shown that 90% of top performers are high in emotional intelligence as compared to just 20% of bottom performers.

Emotional Intelligence is vital to creating a powerful and positive work environment where everyone can succeed. And it’s much more than simply having “people skills”. Emotional Intelligence is about understanding that our behavior is driven by our emotions and our perceptions. By building an awareness of your own emotions and learning how emotions impact others, you can create a more powerful work environment that is more peaceful, more motivated and more productive.

In this powerful training, Carl Smith, communications expert & master trainer, will show you how to develop your emotional intelligence skills. You’ll learn communication tips and techniques to help you manage your emotions and the emotions of others, helping you to avoid miscommunication, resolve conflict and create a work environment where people actually get along.

By tapping into your Emotional Intelligence, you’ll get enhanced cooperation from your team, learn how to overcome difficult behaviors and discover strategies to improve your relationships – resulting in a happier home, workplace and YOU.

You’ll also learn:

  • The importance of emotional intelligence in succeeding in the workplace
  • Why certain emotions drive people to act and respond how they do
  • How to use emotional intelligence to increase harmony and development for peaceful environment
  • The role of emotional intelligence in team dynamics and building better relationships

For over 20 years, Carl has been helping people to create better results in their relationships through improved communication practices and enhanced understanding of what happens when people interact. And in just 60 minutes, he’ll share his best secrets on tapping into your own EQ to get the results you need to succeed!

Presented By

Carl Smith

Carl Smith is a positive and uplifting speaker, trainer, consultant and advisor. He has traveled and spoken extensively across North America and Europe. He promotes effective leadership and stronger relationships through encouragement and appreciation.

Carl’s background spans more than 20 years in training, consulting, sales and leadership. For over 10 years he was the Director of Training and Business Development, for Personality Insights, Inc., a leading personal development company based in Atlanta, Georgia. In this capacity, he contributed to the development of numerous communications skills training resources. He also coached, trained, or mentored thousands of people in the application of effective interaction and communication practices.

As a coach, Carl has a personal passion for implementing best practices in communication and interaction dynamics to build his client’s confidence and belief so that they can achieve more, communicate more clearly and persuasively, and reach their full potential.

As a Master Trainer in the DISC model of human behavior, he focuses on helping people to create better results in their relationships through improved communication practices and enhanced understanding of what happens when people interact.

Price: $175.00