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ENGAGE! Drawing Out the Best in Others with People Artistry Leadership

Painting is a nail to which I fasten my ideas. Georges Braque

Imagine conducting a survey in which your team was the participant. Only one question is asked: “On a scale from 1-10, rate the level of engagement between you (or the team, in general) and your manager.

Would the majority answer with a 9 or 10? Or, in honesty, would they admit the engagement/relationship between you and the team rank among the lower end?

In 2015, Gallup conducted a poll on employee engagement in the United States and the results were astounding, EMBARRASSING, to say the least. Employee engagement levels in the United States decreased to 31.7% in 2015; furthermore, these rates haven’t been above 38% since 2012.

As leaders, we all know that results are the bottom line for companies; unfortunately, the results from this poll obviously aren’t where they could or SHOULD be. Why? Because while the company’s focus is on employee results, they often overlook the fact that employees are PEOPLE that have feelings and emotions. And when ignored at the workplace, employee engagement levels decrease, resulting in disengagement, lower morale, decreased productivity, and most importantly, a decrease in profits. We are well served to remember that standing below the bottom line is all the people in our organization holding it up.

David Zinger, considered a leading expert in employee engagement, developed the idea of People Artistry Leadership after observing fellow recognition expert and artist, Peter W. Hart, engage with his own employees. Together, they created People Artistry Leadership, a revolutionary new way for leaders to approach and engage employees. People Artistry teaches us how to draw out the best in others at work by using five simple tools that we are already equipped with – our five senses. Seen from this perspective, People Artistry makes very good sense.

Are you ready to not only improve work, engagement, and recognition for everyone you work with, but also for yourself? Join David Zinger, as he explains the People Artistry Leadership mindset and how leaders can use this engagement process to build and improve relationships in the workplace. Using his simple techniques, you can establish an atmosphere and culture where employees feel encouraged, inspired and ready to exceed expectations.

During the session you will learn:

  • How to overcome workplace barriers that may occur at the start of People Artistry utilization
  • Ten elements of successful employee engagement
  • How to assess your personal level of People Artistry with a simple, yet effective, assessment found in David’s bestselling book, People Artists: How to Draw Out the Best in Other at Work
  • How to seize the first encounter of the day in order to start your daily “masterpiece”
  • Two specific actions that WILL improve your leadership artistry when utilized
  • How to apply the five human tools of the People Artistry Toolbox:
  • 1. The heart to care 2. The ears to listen 3. The eyes to see 4. The lips to express 5. The hands to give
  • How to paint with numbers, assess the analytics and business case behind artistry, and hear about the online recognition education program produced by Rideau's Recognition Solutions, Vistance Learning.

If you want to make a difference for yourself, your team, and your organization, the understanding and practice of People Artistry is critical. Through the simple utilization of our own five senses, we can draw out the best in others and increase employee engagement and performance dramatically.

Each new day brings a blank canvas; it’s up to you as to how you create and develop it.

Presented By

David Zinger

David Zinger is a leading global independent expert on employee engagement. He works around the globe covering engagement in the workplace, and he founded and hosts the 5800 member Employee Engagement Network. David has written two books and over 2000 blog post on engagement and work.

Mr. Zinger taught for 25 years at the University of Manitoba and was the Employee Assistance Counselor and Career Development Coach for Seagram. He received the Outstanding Leadership Award 2013 at the Mumbai Global HR Conference 2013, and HR Examiner declared David the No.1 online influencer in leadership for 2011 based on the objective criteria of reach, resonance, and relevance.

If you want to learn more about David Zinger visit: DavidZinger.com.

Price: $175.00