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Make Constant Change Work For You: Learn How to Successfully Increase Your Confidence and Performance During Organizational Change

Change is inevitable in every organization around the world, and unfortunately, many people can’t adapt to the alarmingly fast rate. Today’s fast-pace isn’t going to slow down anytime soon – juggling multiple tasks and doing more with less has now become the standard. Add to the mix outsourcing, off-shoring, reorganizing, downsizing or any work or personal change, and it can turn into catastrophic chaos.

When we fight or resist the change, we waste valuable time and energy, resulting in decreased productivity, plummeting morale and overall dissatisfaction and a negative outlook towards peers, managers, and the company, in general.

In this powerful audio CD, you’ll learn strategies and tools to use this inevitable change to your advantage. Sure, you’ll face challenges initially, but your reaction to such challenges is the critical piece in understanding and mastering the skill of change management. You’ll learn how to keep your cool and remain confident through any change that comes your way.

Your facilitator, Mary Schaefer has experienced eight downsizing events. She has coached those in transition and survivors of downsizing alike. Mary speaks from her own learning experience and will teach you how to manage through the seemingly never-ending cycle of change. In just 60 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • How to apply essential tips and tools that boost your role at your workplace, developing you into a vital and indispensable part of the team
  • How to develop a network made up of peers who can encourage, give feedback, and be a listening board for you when most needed
  • How to successfully focus and master performance when chaos and confusion surround you in the workplace

You’ll learn actionable tips and tools during this audio presentation to help you quickly understand how to benefit from various forms of change – helping you succeed both professionally and personally!

Presented By

Mary Schaefer

As the principal of her own business, Artemis Path, Inc., Mary Schaefer is an expert in empowerment and creating positive, functional work cultures. As a successful consultant, speaker, coach, and trainer, she focuses on improving her clients’ aptitude in leadership skills, management skills, talent development, and change management. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Master's in Human Resources, Mary is also certified as a Professional in Human Resources. She has also produced a proven track record at herding cats.

Price: $175.00