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Pain-Free Hiring Using the DISC Assessment
Learn how to use the DISC assessment to find the right match for your next candidate

The success of any company comes down to the people they recruit and hire.

Getting this process right is one of the most important things you, as a manager, can do. Getting the right people into the right job is the first step to your success – because we’re only as good as the people we lead.

And while finding the right talent can take a lot of time, it’s essential that we do it right. Because the consequences of a bad hire are enormous – costing you money, lowered morale and decreased productivity.

In this powerful, new audio presentaion, Certified Human Behavior Specialist and Master Trainer in the DISC Model of Human Behavior, Guy Harris, will show you how to use the DISC model to help you find the right match for your next candidate.

While it’s often our inclination to base the hiring process entirely on the candidates’ intellectual abilities and resume, hoping that will give us enough data to ensure a good job fit, Guy will show you the necessity and importance of knowing more about their likely behaviors and comfort zones. While many skills are teachable with the right practices and enough time, it’s much harder to change basic behavioral traits and tendencies.

In just 60 minutes, you’ll learn how to reference the DISC model as a useful tool for understanding the likely behavior, communication, and work style patterns of your potential candidate – providing a more in-depth analysis of how the candidate will fit and feel comfortable in his or her role. People generally perform better and stay longer in teams, environments, and roles that are a good fit for how they prefer to communicate and work.

By using the information in a DISC assessment, you will be better equipped to ask more focused questions to help you understand which candidate is the best fit for your team, your work environment, and the role you need to fill. When you identify the candidate with the most natural fit, you find the candidate most likely to feel comfortable and thrive in your environment, and, as a result, most likely to perform most effectively in the role.

You'll also learn:

  • How the DISC model can help you find the right fit between the role and your candidates.
  • The limitations of the DISC model you need to understand before you use it for hiring decisions.
  • Using the DISC model to build your team through smart hiring.
  • Three things you must do before you use the DISC model in your hiring process.
  • What the DISC model can tell you – and what it can’t tell you – about your potential employees.
  • Where the DISC assessment fits in the hiring process.

With the simple techniques you will learn in this audio presentation, you will get the right candidate right from the start, saving you time, money and frustration!

Presented By

Guy Harris

Guy Harris’ career includes service as a nuclear engineering officer in the U.S. Navy submarine fleet, various supervisory/managerial roles in the chemical industry and personal business ownership. In the early 1990s, he began to actively pursue the practical application of leadership, communication, team building and conflict resolution principles.

He is a Certified Human Behavior Specialist, a Master Trainer in the DISC Model of Human Behavior, and a Conflict Resolution Subject Matter Expert.

Typical client concerns prior to working with Guy are forging a team from a group of individuals, moving a team past the conflict stage of team development, developing other leaders, expanding personal influence within the organization, communicating more effectively, and developing buy-in for new programs and processes.

Clients consistently comment on how quickly Guy helps them diagnose their “real” challenges and create plans for overcoming them. Workshop participants rave about the way his stories and experiences relate learning points in ways that are fun, engaging, and memorable.

As a consultant, trainer, and coach, Guy has worked with large and small clients, businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and individuals from Boston to Brisbane and from Ottawa to Orlando. His past clients include: Sun Chemical Co., Ivy Tech Community College, The Good Samaritan Society, Redbox, Purdue University, Delta Career Education, The American Farm Bureau Association, Butler University, Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, Panda Express, and many others.

Guy is the co-author of From Bud to Boss: Secrets to a Successful Transition to Remarkable Leadership, Sell Naked on the Phone, and The Behavior Bucks System. He has been a contributing author, content developer and editor on other books and training materials including: Presenting With Style; Leadership @ Work, Leadership Brief and To The Point, and Leadership: It’s an Inside Job.

Price: $175.00