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A Manager’s Guide to Working with Conflicting Personalities in the Workplace

We humans have different personalities, don’t we?

And with workplaces being more and more diverse every day, (culturally, racially, generationally and more) the different behaviors and personality traits are a perfect storm for conflicting personalities to stagnate progress. They can really throw a wrench in a leader’s best laid plans for efficient and productive work getting done.

Conflicting personality issues are hard to tackle because they are just so darn personal. And despite our best efforts, we sometimes just can’t seem to make it work - we have different temperaments, styles and perspectives.

Morale declines and employee satisfaction drops when employees have conflicts and are not able to resolve them. And they can’t resolve them because they are working from their own perspective and simply do not understand the other person.

Stress, sabotage, disharmony and unproductive and often ridiculous competition rule the workplace.

But you can put a stop to all of that! Our 60-minute audio presentation, “A Manager’s Guide to Working with Conflicting Personalities in the Workplace” will reveal the keys to increasing workplace productivity even when conflicting personalities abound!

This 60 minute audio presentation will give you the knowledge and skills to:

  • Understand and communicate effectively with different personality types
  • Stay calm and focused in tough situations
  • Defuse upset people
  • Prevent conflict from occurring
  • Resolve personality conflicts and overcome obstacles
  • Understand which personality types work well together
  • Match work assignments to the right personality type

You certainly can’t do anything about the differences on your team and in your organization and you need to be able to manage them. With the strategies in this audio presentation, you can achieve harmony in the office, where people don’t just get along but support each other and become the powerful cohesive team you know they can be. Don’t let conflicting personalities take over your office – learn how to manage them wisely.

Presented By

Annabel Chotzen

Annabel Chotzen, fresh out of Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, came to Hawaii to accept a Communications Leadership Position for the Chief Justice of the Hawaii Supreme Court. On a hike into the Tantalus forest, she discovered a shriveled black nut on the side of the trail and popped it into her pocket. Annabel placed the nut on her meditation stand where she had scribbled her goals: to create a family with a wonderful partner and to transform the lives of others. Unknown to Annabel at the time, she had found a Kukui Nut -- a nut which is imbued with an ancient Hawaiian legend: share your dreams and they will come true.

Annabel’s dreams came to fruition beyond anything she could have imagined. Today she has inspired and motivated people throughout the world with her unique humor and the message of the Kukui Nut Legend, “Make Your Dreams Come True.”

Annabel is a Toastmaster’s Champion, an adjunct Professor of Business Communications and Marketing and a sought after Motivational Speaker. She has delivered inspirational leadership training to thousands, including AT&T, the United States Army, the United States Department of Agriculture, Allstate Insurance Company, the Credit Union National Association, Fidelity National Title and Escrow, and many other Fortune 1000 companies.

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