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Change Without Migraines: Management strategies to build support for and eliminate resistance to change

The rate of change is changing. Things are happening faster than ever. We all do more, run more wide open, and often have to tackle new challenges with fewer resources. It can be quite the headache-inducing scenario, because simply put, people don’t like change.

Resistance to change is a reflex for some. But, if you’re a supervisor who needs to deliver change initiatives on a regular basis, you need to come up with some preventative measures and coping mechanisms to effectively deal with people and the negative reactions they can bring when faced with change.

Negativity is toxic and wears on people and on the organization as a whole. It destroys morale and escalates conflict. Negativity also affects productivity, and no one can afford to jeopardize their productivity these days.

As a leader or manager, you must learn to tackle change head on. It may not be comfortable at the outset, but it's up to you to tackle the challenge of change resistance before it damages your team.

And when you put the time-tested management strategies that you’ll learn in this teleseminar in place, you’ll find resistance taking a back seat to support. Here’s what you’ll learn in this 60-minute teleseminar, “Change Without Migraines”

  • The philosophy of change management
  • What to do when you’re stuck in the status quo; when no one sees the need for change
  • Learn why people resist
  • How to build employee engagement to build support for change
  • Powerful ways to sustain change
  • How to turn apathy and resistance — the two strongest forces against change — into support
  • The Energy Bar: How to move the energy of your employees from resistance to support, and learn the steps in between.

The way a leader deals with change is important, because they need to deal with it more and more — sometimes even on a daily basis. It’s never been more critical to realize change management isn’t a phrase on a white paper, it’s a necessary skill you’ll need to master to reach not only your own goals, but your company’s full potential.

Presented By

Rick Maurer

Rick Maurer, a renowned change management consultant, expert, speaker and bestselling author, educates audiences on how to get results from major change without headaches, cost overruns, and hidden problems…or Change Without Migraines™.

Rick has worked with business leaders from a variety of companies throughout the world including major Fortune 500 companies, as well as private companies and nonprofits.

Due to the popularity of Rick Maurer’s books, Why Don’t You Want What I Want?, Beyond the Wall of Resistance, and Building Capacity for Change Sourcebook, Rick’s opinion has been sought by CNBC, NBC Nightly News, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Bottom Line, Investor’s Business Daily, Fortune, USA Today, The Economist, Industry Week, and Nation’s Business.

His expertise helps you identify even deeply hidden resistance, overcome it quickly, and in so doing implement even the most difficult strategic and tactical changes.

Price: $175.00