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Make Office Politics Work FOR You and Not Against You: Learn strategies to turn office politics into a valuable leadership tool!

If there ever was a double-edge sword in your company, it’s office politics. Think about it: politics can be a real force, with secret alliances, unspoken rules and opportunistic agendas.

And with this comes backstabbing, victim-playing, martyr syndrome and more. Office politics can make everything exhausting: from a staff meeting to a simple holiday party. Or goodness knows what happens when budget planning time comes, and everyone has a stake in how that plays out.

But it doesn’t have to be a negative thought. The other side of the sword is the energy — and that energy that makes office politics so potent can be very positive for your organization as well.

In the 60-minute audio presentation, “Make Office Politics Work for You” you’ll learn some key ideas to help you harness the energy that office politics generate and turn that energy to your advantage. You’ll learn how to:

  • Discover relationships beyond the organizational chart
  • Identify unwritten decision rules
  • Interpret reactions, and silence, in meetings
  • Read between the lines in email and other communications
  • Identify the difference between when you should speak, and when you should listen
  • Establish an effective and productive support system
  • Utilize strategies for sharing credit and blame without alienating anyone
  • Handle the specific nuances of the Millennial workers and their response to politics in the workplace
  • Use subtle and informal ways of turning the tide of office politics

The energy of office politics can work for or against you. Once you really understand how to harness it, (you know, take what is really going on behind closed doors and in hushed conversations at lunch, and tap into that!) you can turn it to your advantage. You’ll build bridges, better collaboration, and an overall awesome work environment.

Presented By

Jean O'Brien

Jean O’Brien has used her unique combination of executive experience, leadership energy and comprehensive hands-on human resources expertise to found the O’Brien Group. Her highly acclaimed Executive Presence Program is a result of over 25 years of organizational experience in cultivating skills that promote enhanced business performance and productivity. Over the years, she has worked closely with hundreds of professionals to nurture career growth and avoid career-limiting situations.

Throughout her career Jean has worked with people at all levels within companies, government agencies, educational institutions and renowned career consulting organizations. She is well regarded for her ability to quickly and thoroughly evaluate organizational objectives, needs and expectations, and then integrate new behaviors that best realize individual potential and organizational goals. A vibrant communicator with a commitment to quality, Jean is effective with conducting group programs, one-on-one sessions, and as a speaker.

Jean received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Community Development from the Pennsylvania State University. Her professional credentials and certifications include Professional in Human Resources, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Executive Business Etiquette.

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