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Break Bad Communication Habits Once and For All: Learn how to recognize and break through the dangerous barriers that are hindering effective communication!

Think of a problem in your office. Any problem. When it comes down to it, nearly every one that you can think of will have poor communication at its root cause.

  • Did a staff member not get something done in time?
  • Was there tension at a staff meeting when goals weren’t met?
  • Has a team member become a disgruntled employee, disengaging more and more each day?

Communication dominates your day, and is much too important to not get right. No matter how you communicate — via writing, messaging, Skyping, or face-to-face conversation — the sooner you recognize the bad habits, the sooner you can break them.

In this 60-minute audio presentation, you’ll be learn from one of the most engaging Master Trainers of The Kevin Eikenberry Group, Carl Smith. Carl will present powerful tactics that will let set the course for effective and potent communication moving forward. “Break Bad Communication Habits Once and For All” will cover:

  • The role of emotion in creating bad communication habits
  • The importance of listening in eliminating communication bad habits
  • Common barriers to effective listening
  • Strategies for effective communication - especially when the stakes are high
  • Three critical factors that impact communication

Simply put, communication is a two-way process: message sent and message received. But as you know, it’s not that easy. Minimize communication breakdowns and frustration by recognizing and eliminating bad habits, and moving on to be a more effective and successful communicator and leader!

Presented By

Carl Smith

Carl Smith is a positive and uplifting speaker, trainer, consultant and advisor. He has traveled and spoken extensively across North America and Europe. He promotes effective leadership and stronger relationships through encouragement and appreciation.

Carl’s background spans more than 20 years in training, consulting, sales and leadership. For over 10 years he was the Director of Training and Business Development, for Personality Insights, Inc., a leading personal development company based in Atlanta, Georgia. In this capacity, he contributed to the development of numerous communications skills training resources. He also coached, trained, or mentored thousands of people in the application of effective interaction and communication practices.

As a coach, Carl has a personal passion for implementing best practices in communication and interaction dynamics to build his client’s confidence and belief so that they can achieve more, communicate more clearly and persuasively, and reach their full potential.

As a Master Trainer in the DISC model of human behavior, he focuses on helping people to create better results in their relationships through improved communication practices and enhanced understanding of what happens when people interact.

Price: $175.00