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Discover the Hidden Leaders in Your Company: Find & Cultivate Your Team Members to Step Up to the Plate and Lead!

Can you spot the leaders in your organization? We tend to look up in organizations to position and title for leadership, but when we do this, we are missing out on some incredible potential. Leaders can and should be found at every level of your company. There are tremendous leaders that are individual contributors, front line supervisors, even middle managers. But we don’t often look to them as leaders because of their place on the org chart.

Think about the office manager who is excellent at rallying people and plans for the annual company outing year in and year out. Or the sales associate who regularly comes up with clever ways to deliver memorable customer value. Or your team member on the assembly line who shows up to work every day, looking sharp, and with a positive go-get-‘em attitude.

THESE are the people, your hidden leaders, you want to capitalize on. When you cultivate their innate skills, you’ll deliver even better products and services and greater value to your customers and realize long-term success.

Leadership is not about who you are or where you come from. It’s about what you do. And it’s our job as leaders to find and cultivate our employees, seeking out and rewarding the hidden leaders within.

And in our brand-new teleseminar, “Discover the Hidden Leaders in Your Company” you’ll learn how to identify, coach and optimize the efforts and talents of employees from all across the organizational chart. Best-selling author and leadership expert, Scott Edinger, will lead you in a powerful 60-minute teleseminar covering:

  • How to locate and nurture your company’s team members with the most potential for leadership
  • How to create an environment that stimulates the emergence of hidden leaders
  • The power of reverse mentoring
  • Once identified, how to help hidden leaders amplify the productivity of everyone around them
  • How to assess and reward the hidden leaders
  • How to cultivate an ownership mentality
  • Tips in the hiring process that might identify hidden leaders from the get-go

Leaders like you are doing more and more with less and oftentimes that ‘less’ is having fewer people to get the work done. Since cloning is not an option, find your hidden leaders! These people will get more done for you, be more fulfilled themselves and maximize your potential AND your bottom line.

Presented By

Scott K. Edinger

Scott K. Edinger is a recognized expert in helping organizations achieve measurable business results. He is a consultant, author, speaker and executive coach who has worked with some of the most prominent organizations in the world including AT&T, Harvard Business Publishing, Bank of America, Lenovo, Gannett and The Los Angeles Times.

Scott is a co-author of The Inspiring Leader: Unlocking the Secrets of How Extraordinary Leaders Motivate, The Hidden Leader: Discover and Develop Greatness Within Your Company, and the Harvard Business Review article Making Yourself Indispensable, called by HBR a “classic in the making.” Scott has authored or co-authored dozens of other articles and white papers, has been a contributing author for The American Society for Training and Development Leadership Handbook, and is a blogger for the Harvard Business Review and Forbes. In addition, he is an affiliate faculty member for the University of North Carolina, Keenan-Flagler School of Business.

Price: $175.00